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Recently, the world’s most commencing NMS platform for the market of Bangladesh was introduced by Nextech Limited. Nextech Limited has launched this platform, having strategic partnership with Skyline Communication which is a technology vendor and a European company based in Belgium. On 21st May in Dhaka the product launch ceremony was organized by Nextech Limited for the purpose of the declaration of launching the product. This NMS platform is susceptible to manage operational environments as well as from a service and business perspective. Mr. Bart Reynaert, the Sales Manager of Skyline Communications, attended the program as Chief Guest while visiting Bangladesh. He also attended some exclusive business sessions of our local corporate and media, during his first visit of Bangladesh. Regarding business partnership with Nextech and business planning for local market, Techworld had the privilege to have some conversation with him. The remarkable parts are mentioned below:

TW: Would you like to tell us about yourself and how you got engaged with dataminer?

BR: In the year 1987, I had my graduation in Electronic Engineering. My career begins with SIMENS and was there for six years. I started my journey with dataminer of Skyline Communications in 2010. It is actually a co industry of SIMENS. Basically it is a family business, run by three brothers. After their father’s death, the three brothers set up the organization in 1989. The company is quite different from other multinationals. But the company is very much concerned for its employees in such a way that the employees feel their ownership with the business.

For example, Middle East and South-East Asian market are my responsibility and I have the liberty to apply my own marketing plan. Liberty helps you to grow with creativity. I wandered from market to market on my own interest to prepare the plan best suited for Skyline. I, usually, have to take all the decisions, since I have to fight my war on my own. That’s why; it is more than a profession to me to get engaged with dataminer.

TW: So, as your academic background is technical, what does insist you to go ahead to the advanced marketing?

BR: According to me, it has a simple logic. As I belong to technical sector, I had to support sales persons to prepare quotations and other issues to help the clients so that they can easily understand the technology. I think it is much easier for anyone from technical background to convince the customers for such type of products. To sale such products, the most important thing is to have customers’ faith in us. It is much helpful for me to develop the business to be from technical background. And of course, I have to be quite skilled in communications as a sales person, as I have to move in different countries of the world where I have to talk smartly and meet different kinds of people of different culture. Apart from that, I need to have the adjustment capacity with different people and different circumstances. This is because I accepted the challenges of developing dataminer marketing in Middle East and South East Asia.

TW: As per your opinion, business is grown with liberty. So, are you getting much liberty to run operations for dataminer?

BR: Nextech doesn’t have any limit. They can either work with us as a retailer or in deployment the service towards the client. In case of retailer, they will be concerned regarding the business opportunity for dataminer in the local market. Getting the local requirement, they will forward it to us for its deployment without taking any technical responsibility. Then we will start working on customizing software in respects and for deployment. In case of their desiring to take responsibilities and deployment, we will provide them proper training on this. In this regard, investment will be needed. It is up to them. Recently, we had the partnership agreement with them to have the business opportunities over here.    

TW: Will you allow Nextech to negotiate the product price or they have to work on your fixation?

BR: Though our prices are fixed in some cases, it will not be an obstacle. We usually do study the requirements and potential of the clients. In case of finding potential, we will consider. Nextech won’t have any hard and fast rule for business development from our side.

TW: What do you expect from Nextech for the next few months? Do you have any plan regarding the product-promotion locally?

BR: We wouldn’t like to ask Nechtake for having clients for next few months. We would like to have some corporate clients, as this is a high-tech solution product. It is very obvious that introducing this new product is time consuming. We have to remain patient, as it took 5 years to have good response in India market. Dataminer is not a merchandising or vendible product. We need to take the opportunity to show the technical benefits of dataminer by arranging sessions with the C-level. We ensure that it won’t be disappointing.

TW: How does Skyline work in South Asia?

BR: We have already set up our business center in India. Like Srilanka and Nepal, India will look after Bangladesh market. If the market in India proves potential and uprising, we will appoint more human resources in India Office for development to be taken care of.

TW: Which type of competitive opportunities Datamainer has upon its competitor?

BR: Datamainer is unique offer which is the leading Network Management and OSS Solution professional broadcast, HFC broadband and IT networks. The most competitive advantage for us is the product’s being multi vendor product. As for example, there is plug and play solution through it cannot be customized. Some have the corporate solution only for single vendor and some are specially designed for SME with specific facility.  


TW: How do people enjoy the online transaction and its security, as Belgium is pioneer in POS, Credit Cards and cable TV?

BR: Besides being pioneer in networking and cable TV, Belgium is also in ICT innovation in financial institution. It is very common, nowadays, to use credit cards. For assuring the service, the institutions have their own apps and developed security system. Frankly speaking, I have not faced yet any problem. Maintaining security for individual awareness and education is very essential.


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