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Noor Ahmed Gelal the first user of "Canon EOS 1D X Mark II" in Bangladesh

Publish On : 23/06/2016

It is photographer who makes an image amazing using his camera. But to make a photograph wonderful, a photographer needs to have concepts of a camera’s characteristics. Vice-versa, a well-featured camera helps a photographer, too, for the adornment of images and to get better snap-shots. A photograph is made splendid only when the ideas, efforts and experience of a photographer and the technical touch of camera are combined together.

Such a camera is the “Canon EOS 1D X Mark II”, belonging to Canon 1-Series. Its new imaging sensor with a modest increasing resolution and promising image quality make itself distinct from other products.

It is a fact that a photographer’s effort makes a camera more effective to click images by his creativity, hard labor and certainly with experience. But, it also has to be admitted that a camera also has its own contributions to make the photograph more lively, amazing or splendid. In that case, the camera must have the qualities to provide the best, like “Canon EOS 1D X Mark II”.

As reference, we can mention the name of the prominent photographer in Bangladesh Noor Ahmed Gelal. He is the first user of “Canon EOS 1D X Mark II” in Bangladesh. Recently Abdullah H Kafi, Managing Director of JAN associates handed over this magic model of Canon to Mr. Gelal at the office premises of JAN Associates. In a conversation with me he said, “I am using CANON camera professionally since a long.   I have the experience of using almost each of the latest models distributed by JAN associates locally. You know camera means a lot to a photographer so have the choice there. According that I have come to the stage of using “Canon EOS 1D X Mark II”, as this new product of Canon is now at the top of the line and a photographer always prefers the latest one. It is also offering the technological advances which every photographer waits for. The image quality and quality assurance of the camera are magnificent and in any environment, even in the condition of low-light, a photographer can continue his job easily.

" Kafi                         

  We encourage our talents to explore and Gelal is one the brightest and promising        photographer of our country. This awarded photographer is our pride and I do  believe  that he will bring more extol for our country in near future. Considering the  professionalism and requirement of such talents and professionals, we introduced  such products. And believe that this is an opportunity for JAN to help the nation to  grow more and get the chance to get their desire products locally. I am happy that  this product sale stated with Gelal as a young professional who will understand the  beauty of this camera. Finally hope this camera will not disappoint him in quality shoot………... Abdullah H. Kafi       


Mr. Gelal also added that to purchase a camera, a professional photographer considers the performance first and then the friendliness to use. Apart from this, capacities to offer true of the image same as we see with naked eyes. And all these features exist in “Canon EOS 1D X Mark II”.

Mr. Gelal’s one of the major interests is traveling and he prefers Sylhet and Chittagong in Bangladesh for traveling. His camera likes to click on both hills and sea. That’s why we find the beautification of hills and sea in his image-gallery, taken with the “Canon EOS 1D X Mark II”.

When Mr. Noor Ahmed Gelal was asked about what the biggest challenge of a photographer is, he replied, “A photographer’s biggest challenge is to face hostility all the time. A photographer always has to work in challenging environment, even having his life in risk, like while raining, during war or in any other critical conditions”. For instance, as Mr. Gelal loves hills and sea, sometimes he needs to climb hills or sometimes he needs to get down to the depth of water, though he doesn’t know swimming, as per his confirmation. Here, the main fact is that a photographer is highly dedicated to his work, even risking his life in danger. So, in spite of risking life, if the camera doesn’t support enough, all the efforts and hard labor will go in vain. It follows that the camera, with whose reliance a photographer risks his life, must be qualified in clicking better images, like “Canon EOS 1D X Mark II”.

Coming to an end, we can have a thought that a camera is like a weapon to a photographer. Having faith in his weapon, a photographer put his life in danger. If the weapon doesn’t work properly, a photographer’s whole task will be foiled. In that case, we can have the assurance that “Canon EOS 1D X Mark II” is reliable, having technological features and it is such a product, the professionals, like Noor Ahmed Gelal, can trust.      

Beauty of "Canon EOS 1D X Mark II" 

The metering system of the camera is continuing to get better than before which claims improved facial tracking capabilities. The Canon EOS 1-Series bodies always contain viewfinders which are comparatively large, bright, 100%-view and all glass pent-prism. It is also featured with a magnesium alloy body, covered with a magnesium frame inside and the greatest weather sealing available, with more than 70 gaskets and seals and the battery is cent-percent long-lasting than ever. The memory card-support of “Canon EOS 1D X Mark II” is faster enough and the C-fast memory card consists of considerably higher write transfer rate specs. The frame rate, buffer depth and shutter sound of the camera are quite impressive and provide the best at service. The camera also enables the center Autofocus point to act as a cross-type point with the four neighboring Autofocus points acting in assistance. The EOS 1D X Mark II features a Dual Pixel CMOS sensor, allowing for excellent Movie AF Servo, results in video mode.


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