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Publish On : 27/07/2016


The honesty, trust and faith are mandatory to gain success- Engr. Abdul Awal

In real estate business ICT is used in designing,  estimation, general management, inventory and accounting. AutoCad and similar applications are used extensively in Engineering and Architectural designs. Many centers in the  country offer training in AutoCad. These trained personnel comprising professionals and even operators are contributing a lot in production of digital images of Engineering and Architectural designs of the would be buildings and houses.

However the scenario is not true for construction arena. The bamboo poles and wooden shuttering materials  in constructions have been replaced with steel scaffoldings and steel plates. Large cranes are often seen at the larger sites. But use of IT in the  construction sites are not observed resulting in highly manual form of the process. An automation was far reaching. Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) is an exception.  RMC has replaced the typical view of production of concrete by  mixing the cement,  sand  and aggregate with water in the construction area with more elegant form of fast and quality controlled concrete mixed in batching plant or factory.

The RMC is manufactured according to set recipe in the batching plant generally in a digital panel and then delivered to a construction site by truck mounted in-transit mixers. The batching plants are often equipped with fully computer controlled processing, management and monitoring units . This results in a homogeneous concrete mixer with quality and retains its strength thereby.  And this has become a milestone example use of IT in construction technology.

Structural Engineers Limited (SEL) is a renowned real estate  company in Bangladesh.  Recently the company has established SEL Ready Mix  Concrete plant in Ashulia, Baipyl , Dhaka.  The Techworld Bangladesh corresponded   interwied its Managing Director Engr. M.A.Awal  to know the importance of digitally controlled process implemented in their SEL Ready Mix Concrete plant.

Recently, a new ‘Ready-Mix Concrete’ has been introduced by ‘Structural Engineers Limited’ of Bangladesh. The founder of ‘Structural Engineers Limited’ Engr. Abdul Awal has utilized this new sensation for construction purpose to minimize costs and to enhance quality in working level. Regarding the ‘Ready-Mix Concrete’ usage, contribution of ICT, human resources development in Bangladesh and adoption of changes in our society, Techworld had the privilege to have some conversation with Engr. Abdul Awal. The remarkable parts are mentioned here:    

Q. Sir, at first, we would like to know about your company ‘Structural Engineers Limited’.

Ans: ‘Structural Engineers Limited’ was formed in the year 1983 as a construction company. But it started working as a full developer since 1988. I, Abdul Awal, am the founder of the company. Still we didn’t work in pure government projects. But concerning health, we have done a little bit.

Q. Nowadays, in the construction area, we have been observing some changes in some traditional policies     and processes. Do you think these changes should be adopted or not?

Ans: Actually everything depends on situation. Everywhere there may be some traditional policies or processes whatever you say. But it won’t be right to say that every traditional policy provides the same output in every case. Time changes and with time everything changes. The fact is that if the changes bring more output for us then why shouldn’t we adopt this? So, from this perspective, I would like to say that changes should be adopted only when the changes prove themselves benefited for us.

Q. Did the Real Estate companies introduce their own ideas in their areas of work?

Ans: Honestly, the Real Estate companies always try to introduce a new one in working. Each real estate company has to spend huge money in every project. Considering this cost, they always try to reduce the expenses, from wherever they can, but without compromising with the quality. Therefore, we are going to introduce our new invention ‘Ready-mix Concrete’, which will help us to minimize the cost.

Q. Sir, what is ‘Ready-Mix Concrete’ and how does it help to minimize the cost?

Ans: This ‘Ready-Mix Concrete’ has been manufactured considering the demand of time. It is a combination of ready-made raw materials, used for molding purpose. It consists of ingredients of high quality. Currently, we don’t have much time to measure water, sand, stone and other raw materials for molding. It is much time saving. The Ready mix concrete takes one-fourth time of a mixture machine to mould for all day long. On the other hand, the raw materials like stone, sand or cement occupy the roads or streets which are totally a violation of law according to City Corporation. But in case of using Ready-mix Concrete, which being digitally controlled there is no such type of difficulties. You just take ready-mix concrete as per measurement and get them in molding directly. In fact, there is no alternative to ready-mix concrete so far.

Q. What is the proportionate mixture or recipe of ‘Ready-mix Concrete’?

Ans: Actually, it depends on how much strength of concrete I need or the design that is done with how much strength. Basically the design of strength is the job of the structural engineers.

Q. From the structural point of view, what do you think of the adoption of ‘Ready-mix Concrete’?

Ans: This adoption seems to me completely positive. Actually there is no other option. Day by day people are moving towards this. There is no need to purchase raw materials. You just purchase rods, then have labor and continue working. According to the law you are not allowed to use the roadside for storing raw materials and if this is implemented properly I think the usage of ready-mix concrete will increase.

Q. You are involved in many social activities and you had been president of REHAB. Is REHAB working for      human resources development? Can we expect anything from REHAB regarding this?

Ans: No there should be no expectation. During my presidency I tried to do many things related to human resources development. It is our responsibility to look after our customers. In that case, I tried to prepare code of conducts for the REHAB members to avoid corruption. But it was not implemented as it was not approved. So for the human resources development the law should be properly implemented at first and besides this, self-enlightenment is mandatory.

Q. Currently, the generation is much technology dependent. So, how do you see the implementation of          advanced technology in many perspectives of our lives?

Ans: There is no alternative, actually. If we don’t cope up with time we will remain behind. When the computers started being available in offices we thought that there would be no requirement of the typists. But considering the situation demands, the typists are made more skilled and advanced with the computer blessings. For the sake of our own interest, we have to adopt technology and we are doing so actually, but slowly.

Q. Is there any negative sides of the technology?

Ans: Absolutely not. If you notice, there are three rivers over Dhaka-Chittagong highway. Now there are three bridges. But before that there six ferries. In those ferries, many people were employed. But now where are they? Are they dead? No, for livelihood they arranged for alternatives. We should remember that there is always an alternative and if you want some changes, then you have to change yourself at first. And moreover, political fairness is much necessary for any kind of solution.

Q. How does ICT contribute for development in construction area?

Ans: ICT has huge scopes to be utilized in project management. The IT department of our ‘Structural Engineers Limited’ is working to integrate everything. The whole process is integrated. There should be no manual system. You can have purchase side for example. Purchase is the heart of any business. It is a core part. If it is linked with ICT there would be no way to change anything manually or to corrupt. To make purchase flawless, there is no alternative to ICT and for having this, money-waste would be avoided.

Q. What is the secret of your success?

Ans: I would like to say that honesty, trust and faith are mandatory to gain success. Honesty which is the best policy in life, as we all know. Trust means the trusting relationship amongst to all and faith in Almighty Allah. Apart from this, I also do believe in a Japanese philosophy and it’s the driving force of vendor-success.

Thank you so much, sir.

You are welcome.


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