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Since our childhood, we all have been being taught that “Industry is the key to success”. Life is not a bed of roses. As our life is not perfect, we, continuously, try to make it better and for that, hard labor is compulsory. Even, Almighty helps those who help themselves. Any impossible can be made possible with hard labor and patience. Being hard-working, if we run after excellence, success must run after us. Considering this, we have, as a remarkable example, Datuk Mohammed Salim, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and founder of a IT company, named AGD IT SOLUTION BD LTD. 

Through a huge miserable journey, today, Mr. Salim has reached the peak of success and is running his show in Bangladesh, Singapore and Malaysia. As his journey of struggle begins in Malaysia as a run of the mill employee, he can easily realize the pain of staying away from home and country. From this point of view, he holds a strong desire to create opportunity to work and contribute the local industry to grow. Keeping this in mind he has started his IT business in Dhaka and working as Managing Director at AGD IT Solution BD Ltd.  On the other hand, to explore the local community, he is working for employment and development at his native village Balasur, Sreenagar in Monsigonj . He doesn’t want anyone to keep away from home being less-educated and less-skilled. That’s what he wants to emphasize on. The impressive part of him is his simplicity, honesty and moreover, his optimism. He is always positive and has a strong belief that development is possible till the last honest person remains alive.

The monthly Techworld Bangladesh had an opportunity to have a discussion with Datuk Mohammed Salim regarding his desire and contribution to develop the community. The key parts of the discussion are as below:

Q. What did insist you to invest in Bangladesh?

Ans: Our country people are hardworking and still honest than others, though corruption is the challenge. But, still, the lower middle-class and middle-class community have honesty to grow, moreover, the population as consumers insist me to invest in Bangladesh. Another important issue is my feelings towards the country. I was a simple boy without proper education. When I migrated to Malaysia from Bangladesh, I did work hard for livelihood in Malaysia. During my struggling days over there, I learnt my academic lesson practically. Then I understood that how much difficult it was to be happy in life keeping yourself away from native country. This encouraged me to create job opportunities in Bangladesh and help the people to stay at home.

Q. Tell us something about your Business operation in Bangladesh. And also tell us the business response of AGD  Global locally.

Ans: I want to help people to grow alongside with my business. And want to offer the simple solution so that people can access easily with interest.  AGD IT SOLUTION BD LTD is specialized in innovative IT solutions and complex software projects development offering all in a row. Simple put all the solution under a tiara. Our company combines fundamental algorithmic research activity with practical applications in programming, web development & integration, multimedia development, custom IT systems design, testing and consulting. Through this tight integration of basic and applied activities, we managed to be at the fore front of the IT process.

AGD IT SOLUTION BD LTD was established in 2015 with a customer centric approach to provide affordable solutions for organizations seeking web solutions, digital media solutions and design solutions that would be competitively prices and simple to maintain. Every solution provided by us is unique and innovative. Our approach has been always Customer and market communication centric. We create solutions keeping your target consumer and audience in mind.

And talking about the business response I can say that it is impressive. But the Industry needs to be more synchronized. Government as facilitator, is positive, on the other hand, the entrepreneurship movement is encouraging which just need the right internal communication to connect the movement and constructive discussion on the problems to look for the solutions. We need to work closely with each other (Public & Private) to get the best business output.

Q. Did AGD Global have such opportunity to work with the stakeholders or the government?

Ans: Yes, before I started AGD in Bangladesh, we worked with the Bangladesh Government in a project as a consultant to train the government top leveled officials in Capacity Building Program. This opportunity made me confident that if we (private and public) work together, there is huge potential in Bangladesh to transform Bangladesh into a developed country, as I found the government positive to be changed and adopt the global trends of development, like financial transformation into ICT and implementation of ICT to connect the rural and youth with development.     

Q. Okay, as per your having positive impression towards Bangladesh government, could you tell us how we can get a good government?

Ans: We should believe in ourselves as well as to believe in human beings after Almighty Allah. We should think positive as we have the manpower which can be considered asset. So, we need to focus on it. And individual skill and individual development with honesty, and, finally, the hard labor can help us to get a good government. On the other hand, the stakeholders and the associations, like FBCCI, BASIS, BGMEA and many more can help the government to do the best. Their positive and right movements help the government to understand the industry and community and help them to offer the facility accordingly. This joint venture will help both to develop industry as well as the government accountability. And the final result will be good. If we can ensure our contribution towards the government and community, we will have a good government. I do believe that if we can do so, Bangladesh will be a real developed country by next ten to fifteen years.

Q. According to you, government and private sectors should play their roles accordingly. But, do you know that the product you want to distribute in local market, like CCTV camera, has to be paid 47% tax? Is it relevant to the government you want to have?

Ans: Right you are. The tax and duty on hardware products seem high and not so much logical. But, still, I am hopeful. We already discussed it in our community. Like, BCS and the EC Committee have worked on it and recently they discussed and informed the concerned government body about it for some recommendations. We are eagerly waiting to have a positive solution regarding this issue. Businessmen also face same type of problem in software and other products and services. But we should not dispirit and get disappointed about it rather to discuss it within the forum and association and find out a solution, then discuss it with government along with the recommendation.

I know all these are the night way and general practice and everything is not simple as said. There are lots of obstacles to do the practice, started from individual corruption to government, but we should not give up or not to encourage the unauthorized practice to earn money.        

Q. Well, we are having some barriers and problems of corruption in public law and order. So, do you still think that your goals will result well?

Ans: Undoubtedly, I agree with you that we have corruption, system loss, lack of honesty to implement law enforcement. But, I do believe that positive motivation will reduce the individual corruption and that needs to start from the bottom or root. So, we should focus on the bottom to build up our nation. We should have some positive motivation in top level, too. May be, someone else is working on it. We also need to train the officials and policy makers to establish their companies with the technical change and advancement in business and economy, so that they can contribute more and be confident. It also helps them to be dynamic, bold and visionary. Such motivational practice will reduce the corruption and at least, help them to keep themselves out of it.

Q. As per our concern, you are working seriously to develop your community, too. How was it planned?

Ans: Yes, right you are. I have planned to create a happy town by transforming my village into a town. I am working to provide all the latest facilities over there, so that the village people get proper education, required health and other citizen services. I have already established Computer and English Learning Centers in my village, where we encourage the females most in ICT. I want to see my village Baniabari as a small but modern town. I do believe that development should stand from bottom. So, I stood by my village. Simultaneously, I have my business operation in Dhaka, Singapore and Malaysia.

Q. How much optimistic and confident are you, regarding your plan to develop?

Ans: Actually, I learnt from life and I want to help others to get that I didn’t. I did not have the opportunities to study in my village, no way to get connected with technology. That’s why I suffered a lot. Now I am working with the local government and public, so that I can ensure all the facilities to help my poor villagers to grow. This happened for the first time in Baniabari that we have our own villager in local government as Chairman. I, myself, found a candidate who was honest and competent to lead the union and invested on him to take part in the election to be Chairman. He didn’t agree as no one from Baniabari did so before. I talked to the village people both individually and in forum and convinced them to support him. Actually, I still believe in simplicity and honesty.

Q. What do we need to do overcome all these and execute the dream of a developed Bangladesh?

Ans: We need proper education with relevant curriculum that we had before. We should include ICT as compulsory from primary (with real meaning), along with the practical and expert teachers. Individual motivation in profession and SME skill development are quite necessary and, finally, the positive mindset of government and private sector is also required to develop and work together.    


Thank you so much, Sir.

You are welcome.

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