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Digicon Technologies Limited: A Global Recognition for Bangladesh

Publish On : 10/08/2017

Digicon Technologies Limited commenced their journey as business process outsourcing company in the year 2010. The company along with above 1300 skilled employees has been working with great effort for 24 hours and 7 days a week in national and international level both for government and non-government sectors. Besides, the company also ensures recruitment of skilled manpower, standard training session, payroll management, social media management, digital marketing, bank office support and other different developed informative and tech services. World’s many prominent companies including Hinduja Global Solution Limited-India, KPMG and Earnest and Young are the service partners of the ISO 9001: 2008 certified Digicon.

Currently Digicon Technologies Limited is providing their developed customer services through call center to more than 24 companies including couple of telecommunication companies, automobile, pharmaceuticals and VAT online projects of National Board of Revenue (NBR). Besides, the company is also continuing the implementation of innovative systems for skill development of the employees engaged for internal fields.

Recently, Digicon Technologies Limited achieved ‘Asia’s Best Employer Brand Award 2017’ in 12th Employer Branding Award 2017 organized by Employ Branding Institute-India and held at Le Meridian, Santos, Singapore on August 1, 2017. Employ Branding Institute-India has been organizing this event every year since 2010.

Managing Director of Digicon Technologies Limited Mr. Waheedur Rahman Sharif received the award. Some key points regarding his view towards such prestigious recognition and his company are presented over here:

Q. What makes someone to achieve such prestigious award?

Award is basically an inspiration and motivation as well. One has to possess a strong desire to do something good or even better for others as well as for own. In that case, ‘Asia’s Best Employer Brand Award 2017’ really means a lot to us and to achieve such recognition I think remarkable contribution in talent development and management of employees is must.

Q. This event has been basically organized by Employ Branding Institute-India since 2010. So, what do you think the procedure to select the best one for this recognition is appropriate?

Certainly it is. Prominent HR Heads across the world picking up the initiatives taken by different institutions in different countries for human resources development and through cyber space, usually select the most eligible company declared by experienced jury board on the basis of discussion and analysis. So, I think it can’t be better than this.

Q. As you are an entrepreneur, so what is the strength of a company, you think?

To be honest, skilled manpower is the only operational strength of any company, as I believe. You can have huge resources and financial solvency. But without skilled manpower, you can never move ahead.

Q. Business Process Outsourcing industry, nowadays, has become very much popular with the young generation of our country. What kind of initiatives have you taken so far in this regard?

Digicon Technologies Limited has always been working on transforming the merit of youth into skills and ensuring the maximum effort of capability. If we are able to create skilled manpower in business process outsourcing industry, besides the employees and the company, our country, too, will move forward in the international extent. Digicon is committed to sustain the standardization of their services, even in future.           



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