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The Determination To Go Forward Is All The Drive Needed For Becoming A Successful CSE Professional

Publish On : 16/05/2015

TechWorld News Desk:


I was born in Dhaka. I finished my preliminary studies from Kushtia Govt. Girls’ High School and Kushtia Govt. College. I was ranked 39th in Jessore Board in SSC. I was 44th in the rank list of Dhaka University admission test, 2006. My passion for logic and mathematics led me to choose CSE as the major subject for graduation.

From the very beginning, I loved mathematics. I also liked logic very much. My parents always encouraged me in solving logical problems; they never let me memorize anything without proper understanding.

I liked to solve puzzles. When I was at high school, I was interested in mathematical puzzles. I was interested in math Olympiad, but never participated in one. I liked physics also. When I was in college, I heard about programming and was very much interested in it. From the interest of programming, I was keen to study CSE.

I did not like all subjects of CSE, but liked certain subjects very much. Most of the subjects in CSE were logical. It does not require memorizing; it only requires proper understanding of the topic. As I understood logical things pretty well, I liked to solve the problems in exercises. I was good at programming and participated in several national and international contests. These helped me perform well in my labs.

I had to face no such challenges as a female CSE student here. The environment of CSE, DU is very friendly. All the teachers and senior fellows are very friendly and helpful. One of my teachers, Syed Monowar Hossain Sir, inspired me a lot in programming. Other teachers like Farhan Sir, Suraiya Pervin Madam, Shahed Anwar Sir, were also very much inspiring. So, I never faced any difficulties here.

In about education stress I don’t particularly like getting stressed. I reserve ample time for the preparations for exams and tests. But on occasions when it gets tough I take some time off the studies and set the mind free. In our jargon one would say I clean the cache, and then start processing again. It boosts the concentration. Power naps have helped me in situations like this.

I always had a strong support about my study and career from my family. I can’t say different about the faculty and my friends. We have a very strong culture in CSE, DU where there is no distinctions about a person, whether she is a female or not. Here we are all “soon to be” computer engineers.

The faculty has been very supportive about not only my studies but also the persuasion of programming contests. I never felt like I was treated special or different for being a female student. My mother influenced me a lot. My family members also inspired me to do better result. My teachers also influenced me in the way of being a CSE graduate.

I have a nag of getting things done the proper way; even if I have to take that extra job myself. For that reason I was an effective member of many cultural, administrative, educational and tour arrangement committee. I have gathered valuable experiences from those endeavors.

Our department has a very good community, the “Programming Contest Community”. I enjoyed a lot in working there as a volunteer, problem setter, and trainer and of course, contestant.

I have this dream about being a part of the CSE, DU faculty for a long time and I would love to make it true. I also plan on becoming a research fellow and conduct researches on the field to gain more insight of the system as well as sharing whatever knowledge I have for the newcomers who want to be a part of it.

My days is would be to get up late, then run for the classes. It’s important not to miss the classes because as I said before, it’s about understanding the stuffs in this subject. Not much to memorize. After the class, comes lab, where the real fun is, coding.

After that, chatting with friends for some time and then back home. Then prepare for the studies if an exam is due. Other than that, just practice for coding, or movies or just browsing. Music has been very influential in my life and I never left it. The important thing is when a student is into the groove, s/he can’t just stay put without turning on the PC.

My greatest weakness: I am a bit impatient and impulsive. Strength: I am organized and I give proper attention to details

About the market there is a very steady job market in Bangladesh now for the students of CSE. There are a lot of development companies looking for CSE graduates and IT professionals for development of various systems.

We also have a very rich culture of outsourcing whether it is individual or team wise. The local market is also becoming automated and there are so many opportunities to grab and to choose from. The introduction of branches of some big international brand names has also spurred the progress.

Frankly, it is the love of the game. The challenges that lie ahead and the determination to go forward is all the drive needed for becoming a successful CSE professional. This is a relatively new concept, but also the fastest growing one. There are so many fields to work with and so many opportunities. So, all someone need to do is to stretch out and grab one, be true to himself/herself and commit to the program.

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