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Coding is interesting to do and ICT is offering girls the best to balance life--: Bristy Sikder

Published On : 24/08/2015

Fakhruddin Mehedi

Bangladeshi girl Bristy Sikder, the highest scoring female and bronze medalist in international olympiad in informatics (IOT), 2012. Now she is doing her study in Bachelor of Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge which is the best engineering university in the world and best for Computer Science and Engineering also. She already has completed her first year of graduation.

Moreover, Bristy is working at Google translate team as an Engineering Practicum Intern since June 2015. She has another identity as a trainer of Nurture.

In the mean time, Bristy proven herself as an intelligent student showing her merit into international level. She was Runner up in Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad and ranked 7th in Team Selection Test for Bangladesh team in International Mathematical Olympiad (2012-2013) and Bronze Medalist at Asian Pacific International Olympiad in 2014.

Bristy got Country’s Highest marks in her “ A level” in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Computing in 2013. She has also got the world highest marks in O level Examinations in Computing in 2010. Now she is a Trainer and Member of Bangladesh Informatics Olympiad Committee. She is the founder of Chittagong Mathematics and Programming Club which has more than 100 starting from 1.

Sharing her IOT experience with Techworld Bristy said, “It is a 7-day competition where for 2 days, we compete in solving algorithms along the generals for the rest 5 days. It was brain war to participate and compete. Every day we spent with excitement and seventh heaven . Besides we got to visit many places, like Italy, Venice, Thailand and liked the temples in Thailand.. There were games and fun activities among the participants coming from different country & culture. It was really a great ,meeting people of different cultures. We had number of friends from different countries.”

To share the Google experience Bristy said, Google is like a wonderland. The offices are absolutely beautiful with decoration, lounges, mini kitchens and many thing more officially. The Google campus has swimming pools, gyms, volleyball courts, football fields and what not. In addition there have around 20 different cafes which supplies food in free of cost. Isn’t it sounds interesting.

Besides, the work environment is very collaborative and the coworkers are also cooperative. We also have social events, summer parties and trips to Amusement parks. I enjoy the GWE( Google Women in Engineering) Summit where we met up with leading woman Software Engineers of Google, learnt about new technologies and got to network while being inspired by their life stories. Everyday, I am 

learning new things from the software engineers at Google. According to her this is the age of digital revolution. In a developing country like Bangladesh with a huge population, there are many problems which can be solved by Computer Applications. Many developed countries are now focusing on the problems of Bangladesh and trying to come up with computerized solution. Bangladesh is going to be a hot spot for Start ups in the next few years. If girls participate hand to hand with the boys, then we will have skilled software engineers and manpower who will be able to get connected with the global movements and enhance our local industry and economy. Moreover, the IT profession is very flexible to balance life specially for women. And we have a large number of girls and women’s to encourage and involve with IT. Programs can be arranged to aware girls in ICT education by sharing the success stories of girls in IT.. Overall, we cannot look forward to development of the country without the girls and women’s participation in IT.

Bristy think that the education system of Bangladesh has seen some improvements in the past few years and hope it will continue.She said, “We need to move educational systems from theory to practical . Also focus on research based implementation . Instead of learning facts, need to learn its application to solve practical problems. Children should be encouraged to innovate from an early age. The research facilities in Bangladesh should be improved. If the education system been improved, it will lead an overall development of the economy.”

“We should also focus on primary education to have a good foundation of our future nation” she added. Need to encourage the digital education and online learning to be with the global trend besides the tradition. During the graduation the students should have some internship facilities in corporate sector to get practical knowledge about industry. Academy and industry should come forward to make it happen.

We can use the internet to find out about new experiments and research on any topic discussed in class. Animations can be used to better explain concept. Online courses are also a great resource for someone who wants to learn more. Moreover, people can keep up to date with the newest research papers and rapidly evolving field of Computer Science using internet.. Bristy Said.

As she love to identify herself as a coder, bristy said that Computer Science is not hard as it seems. It’s interesting to read and practicw. You can create online community and social media service like facebook having the knowledge of computer science, you can program robots, self driving cars learning computer science. writing code gives you a joy of innovation and creation, its amazing .

Advising girls she said, “I urge all girls to try programming and along side with the others regulars like web design, app invention, creation of software, problem solving, graphic design. There are so many things to try. You will obviously find something interesting. Trust me, it will change your life.”

About her next Bristy said “ I am planning my life with a single steps balancing with time. I want to learn as much as I can from MIT, participating in research and trying to do more Internship at different companies like Facebook, Microsoft etc. Then I might steps into research completing school Graduation .Otherwise I will go back to Bangladesh and become an Entrepreneur and contribute the economy. I am not verymuch sure what will be fix , but I will do something better for my country 

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