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“Bangladesh Needs to Create a Comprehensive Policy for Cloud Computing”

Publish On : 29/08/2015

Mohammad M. Zaman, an Information Technology expert and the Co-Founder of CloudCamp Bangladesh, providing the execution of the vision of building “One Million Mobile App Developer” in Bangladesh. Having more than 20 years of working experience he is also an Instructor at New Jersey Institute of Technology, teaching the Cloud Master program. Also worked as head of Solution Architects at Virtustream, a Cloud Services Company & as the Chief Strategy Officer at Grameen Solutions, and co-founder and director of MobioApp Limited. Mr. Zaman previously worked for Logicworks, Savvis, and Verizon Business running various organizations related to architecture and operations of IT related solutions. He runs a number of meet up groups related to Cloud Computing and organizer of various CloudCamps globally. He is member of a number of Industry Advisory Boards, for a number of cloud related technology vendors. He provides a vast array of cloud computing related services such as Software Development, Data Analytics, IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Data Center Solution, Network Solutions, application optimization for cloud and a portfolio of security solutions.

Recently Techworld Staff Correspondent Fakhruddin Mehedi had an interactive session to discuss on cloud technology and so on.

Techworld: What is cloud computing? How can Bangladesh get benefit out of it? And how big its market in Bangladesh?

Mohammad M. Zaman: Cloud computing is the advanced trend and IT industry directive. The market is targeted to be ~107 Billion USD+, based on Gartner analysis. Bangladesh is and should be one of the prime target to have consumer of Cloud Services (147 Million SIM is to begin with).

Techworld: Tell me detail about cloud camp?

Mohammad M. Zaman: CloudCamp is a platform to provide education and awareness to technology enthusiasts for: Emerging Technologies, Marken Trends, and training for those.

Techworld: How did you started?

Mohammad M. Zaman: We started first ,using the e-Asia/Digital World platform. I have visited, along with a number of tech leaders. We have seen the generation and their enthusiasm to learn the latest technology and apply it to ready for the global market place? This youths enthusiasm encourage us to make our appearances as regular, and explore.

Techworld: What are the recent activities of cloud camp?

Mohammad M. Zaman: The fundamental plan is to building and working to have an eco-system to establish Bangladesh as the dominant brand in Information Technology in the global economy. This includes- BASIS, Bangladesh Government, Students, IT Organizations and other enterprises. For example, we want to contribute in planning for BASIS and government, and put comments based on global fundamentals. We are planning to bring the major global competition into Bangladesh, so, we can branding Bangladesh into the global market. We want to provide applicable and trendy trainings suitable for the recent and future market. Moreover, we are working to create One Million Mobile App Developer for Bangladesh with the government and other private organizations.

Techworld: Tell us about your other initiatives like Mobio app.

Mohammad M. Zaman: I have not only wanted to establish a framework, I have also wanted to organize and mentor organization from cradle to maturity. MobioApp focuses on emerging technology, i.e., Mobile App development, and you would be happy to know that they have achieved the mBillionth award recently which is a regional excellence award for Mobile Application.

Techworld: security is the key issue of cloud. How do you explain it?

Mohammad M. Zaman: There are a number of perceptions and true concerns related to cloud security. Regardless, we already have sensitive stuff in the cloud, by way of Facebook, iCloud, dropbox, gmail and others. What we need a comprehensive policy, awareness, solution and execution of security for Cloud Services. Mostly, it would be the data sensitivity, data residency, data classification, and data access. Application developers typically have partial view of security. So, we need come up with the policy from the data owner that help the developers to get the solution . That is how we can truly address security for the cloud.

Techworld: How can Bangladesh get into the cloud fully? Tell about our infrastructure problems and government and private collaborations?

Mohammad M. Zaman: Bangladesh needs to create a comprehensive policy for Cloud and related services, which we do not have yet. There are parts and pieces at ICT framework level and at Bangladesh Bank level. We need to create a comprehensive organization to create policy, provide tool to support, monitor, and execute. For this we need private-public partnership; in fact we need global partnership to be there. One advantage we have, similar to Mobile technology, others have gone through and burned through; so we can leap frog all those experiences. We need to bring in world class talents to Bangladesh and train our local talents. We can facilitate number of those elements, and intent to participate actively. From the gap perspective, we need policy, infrastructure, training programs, and global collaboration; where we can really use some help to be in the cloud forefront.

Techworld: why Bangladesh need to go to the cloud technology?

Mohammad M. Zaman: Cloud computing is not only a phnomena, it is the only way to be with the global economy . And it is utilizing the innovation which should be empowered by technology. Now, there is a very little difference between large global MNCs and small business using cloud. We can and should be there! Our biggest asset is our population and density of it, we can turn that into a massive source of power. It is inevitable and simple matter of time when we would be there.

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