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I Love To Encourage others To Work in ICT And Enjoy The Opportunity of ICT Corresponding Family Life---Afrina Khan

Published On : 11/10/2015

Afrina Khan an IT Professional having the special expertise in business communication & marketing in our country. She is known face in ICT industry specially among the key accounts product market in Bangladesh including HP, Intel, Dell , & Samsung. Her business association with media and top level manager of those above mention accounts is appreciate able. She has the quality to handle and manage the business channel and communication for her client that made her a professional to recognize. And she did all those in a short period of time of her profession. She is very enthusiastic about IT and its emerging growth in Bangladesh. This Month, Mehadi Hasan has an exclusive interview with Afrina Khan. This young lady started her career as a journalist in the year of 2005. She was worked in international news desk during her journalism in a national daily where she found IT as a tool to develop our young and branding the country across the world. She moved the ICT sector with the responsibility to communicate the media for Inpace Management, the leading company of the country for event management and PR. She palyed a leading role overthere and a communication manager. Later on 2013, she started working for Retail marketing for one of the International IT manufacturing company Intel. At Inpace management she had the opportunity of serving major clients such as Intel, HP, Dell,, Samsung etc and his area of responsibility was around market communication and and project managementDuring the period of her involvement with Intel she had carried out a good professional relationship with the industry. After working with the core IT hardware manufactures she move into the security software industry having the professional designation with Bitdefender , Bangladesh as Head of Sales for Bangladesh. She is working with Bitdefender from the beginning of 2015 to till the date. MS Khan has enjoyed a distinguished career thus far, working with Intel, HP and others management, market analysis, PR communication before joiningthis new area of ICT.Afrina completed her Bachelors and Masters in English and later she completed her second Masters in Business Administration from renowned educational institute of Bangladesh.Answering the question to chose ICT as career she replied, “I found ICT as tool to change the community so is the country and was quite curious about ICT sector. However, I was not quite serious to pursue  my career in ICT sector till I started working with Inpace. But after starting to work in the field of ICT marketing, I found it quite interesting and challenging as a woman. I came across with many of the inspirational personalities including few of my reporting supervisors, whose dedication and work inspired me to work hard. My coworkerswere also encouraged me a lot tomeet the challenges”.She said further, “I do believe every sector has its own rhythm of development and challenges with no direct comparison with other sectors. But the most common feature for a successful career in any sector is to “ hard working “. If you want to have a successful career you have to work hard and you have to have the clear understanding of your working area whatever the product is. Bangladesh is an emerging market for ICT and the opportunity is huge. But comparing with male counterparts females are less
to participate in this sector. But it is great to see the interest is growing among the young women to work in this sector. It will increase is we can share the success stories of girls in ICT along side share the opportunities of ICT to encourage them in IT.Girls contribution in hardware and telecom marketing in Bangladesh is great. So far I know HP, Grameen Phone, Citycell had started the marketing leadership of girls. It was a great challenge that they overcome and encourage me and others in ICT product marketing. So I also love to encourage others to work in ICT and enjoy the opportunity of ICT corresponding family life.Working is the field of ICT security product
Afrina said, Internet security market has a lot of potential in Bangladesh and it is growing as well. Organizations aregiving more priorities to secure their valuable information than before. Besides, Individual customers are quite aware oftaking precautions when they buy a laptop or desktop computer. Therefore, there are new markets creating in the country for the security products.Talking about the Cyber security she said it is very important for both individuals and institutions. internet user are growing rapidly in Bangladesh. According BTRC, the number of subscribers in the country reached 126. 866 million in June. And about 30 percent of them are internet user. Computer is a tool for our everyday life and we cannot think life without computer both at home and office. So everyone has a desire that his pc must be protected.She said again, Kaspersky has set the footprint in Bangladesh. They are the industry pioneer of internet security products in Bangladesh. They have taken the initiative to introduce internet users to take security measures of their information. But now there are many internationalInternet security brands in Bangladesh and Bitdefender is one of them. Internet users are increasing
as well as the security measures. Norton, Avg, Viper,Avira and many other security products competing in the market as well, she said adding. So the opportunity is huge to work in different part of ICT that we cannot ignore.Afrina has travelled quite a journey leading by example and has become an exemplary role model for young
female ICT professional people in any field. Today he is one of the most visible faces of young professionals in ICTindustry.

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Digicon Technologies Limited: A Global Recognition for Bangladesh

Digicon Technologies Limited commenced their journey as business process outsourcing company in the year 2010. The company along with above 1300 skilled employees has been working with great effort for 24 hours and 7 days a week in national and international level both for government and non-government sectors. Besides, the company also ensures recruitment of skilled manpower, standard training session, payroll management, social media management, digital marketing, bank office support and other different developed informative and tech services. World’s many prominent companies including Hinduja Global Solution Limited-India, KPMG and Earnest and Young are the service partners of the ISO 9001: 2008 certified Digicon.

Currently Digicon Technologies Limited is providing their developed customer services through call center to more than 24 companies including couple of telecommunication companies, automobile, pharmaceuticals and VAT online projects of...