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Heroes of 71 Retaliation   developed by PortBliss  is going to release  on 26th March , the Independence Day of Bangladesh. The PortBliss team has announced it    today at BCC auditorium where Honorable state minister Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak (MP) was present  as the chief guest.  Ashraful Islam, Executive Director of BCC and Shyam Sunder Sikder, ICT Secretary were also present at the occasion.


In his speech state minster said that the size of the gaming market is around 100 million dollar world wide and our young generation has the potential to prove there talent and grab the market. it is the opportunity for us as we have more than 5 corer mobile subscriber , so the local market is also huge that can not be ignored. Praising the game minister said that Heros of 71 is the inspiration for our local talents to develop games . It  will also help the generation to learn and understand the national sentiment  about the fact of our liberation war. And it will enhance our patriotism specially  for the generation after 71—added Mr. Palak



This is the sequel of the  Heroes of 71: Retaliation . The game developed in the ground of our  liberation war which was first release in December last year. About the success of first phase the Masha Mustakim, project lead said that the game was create an understanding among the developer of the country towards the gaming industry and its prospect. It encourage other to move and develop new games and that will help our gaming industry to grow.The game will be available to download at Google Play Store from March 26. The windows user also can enjoy the game to play after the 7days of its official launching.

The ICT Ministry has also announced a grant of Tk 20 lakhs for it further development and marketing of the game. Zunaid Ahmed Palak handed over the check of the 1st instalment to CEO of Portbliss Masha Mustakim. ICT Division is supporting the project in association with BCC.

 During the ceremony the state minister also announced that the ICT division of Bangladesh  Government will allocate fund to help the developer to develop 1000 tech innovative product by 2021 to compete the global digital market and anybody including students, professionals or even any startups can apply for it. 

 The concept of the game is upholding Bangladeshi culture and heritage, our liberation war and it is the beauty of the game which will help to enhance our country image in global market- said Shyam Sunder Sikder

The first session of the game  achieved 380,000 Google Play Store downloads, 684,196 total active users, 4.8 million total session and user rating 4.7,according to Google Analytics data.

3D graphics and animation used in game are designed according to actual environment of war in 1971 that gives user experience of conquering in a combat environment based on Liberation War Bangladesh.

Story: "Heroes of 71: Retaliation" starts with a continuation from its predecessor, "Heroes of 71" that

depicts the Shamsu Bahini capturing a strategically important Pakistani base at Shanir Char, Barisal, and

defending it to the last breath. Though they survive the brutal battle, Sajal is killed. Now Shamsu Bahini

has set their hearts to revenge for their fallen comrade. A new mission awaits them. Pakistani forces

have kidnapped a group of women and are holding them in a torture camp located at Ullar Haat, some


miles away from Shanir Char. Shamsu Bahini have to rescue these brave women without a single

casualty. As Shamsu Bahini captures the camp they meet another female guerrilla fighter Anila, who was

captured during organizing an armed women guerrilla group. Anila joins Shamsu Bahini in another

mission to destroy a bridge over the Andharmanik Khaal (canal). The bridge is strategically important as

it is frequently used by Pakistani supply convoys. The second mission, though supposed to be a silent

one, takes an unprecedented turn as Shamsu Bahini's position is compromised to the Pakistani army.

Now Shamsu Bahini is faced with a full frontal battle against great odds. All of the characters, places,

events, missions and the storyline are fictional and do not in any way represent true events.

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