Paperfly, country’s largest tech-bound logistic network, has planned to sue the controversial ecommerce company Evaly over the outstanding payments.

Evaly owes several millions of takas to Paperfly, however, the platform didn’t settle the bill worth of Tk 70 million bill since January, official told media. Paperfly has been giving doorstep delivery service to the Evaly for quite some time and was facing massive challenge to recover the outstanding.

Besides, Evaly didn’t respond to any query despite multiple attempts and Paperfly now preparing to take legal action against the company, said Farreen Mansur, revenue assurance manager at Paperfly.

“We have already sent legal notices to Evaly on Monday, now we are preparing for further steps, she added.

Evaly owes Tk 2.05 billion to various merchants, according to official data. 

There are also allegations that the ecommerce platform has been running different campaigns, including Cyclone (which is later renamed as T10), to take advance from customers with unnatural pricing and it holds the public money for months delaying the deliveries of the products. 

The unhealthy practice of the ecommerce platform came to light after Bangladesh Bank launched an investigation over financial anomalies of the company on request of Ministry of Commerce recently. 

The central bank investigation has found that Evaly liabilities to customers and merchants have risen to Tk 4.03 billion while the company’s asset is only Tk 0.65 billion. Subsequently, several banks and mobile banking companies has also stopped transactions with Evaly.

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