It will encourage the next generation to solve industrial problems, obtain real-world experience, enhance and develop the abilities of those working in the ICT industry. It will also expand the industry's network and help ICT professionals acquire leadership skills.

Students, on the other hand, are exposed to industry works which allowed them opportunities to grow as individuals. As a result, there is potential to address the skill deficit in the industry sector. Furthermore, it will play a significant role in improving the industry-academy connection.

In a news conference hosted by the CTO forum, special guest Bikron Kumar Gosh, Managing Director, Bangladesh HiTech Park, lauded the CTO forum's consistent efforts in the country's ICT industry.

Dr. Syed Akhter Hossain, Head of the Department of Computer Science, Canadian University of Bangladesh, CTO of Access to Information(A2i) Arfe Elahi Manik, and President of CTO forum Tapan Kanti Sarker talked at a press conference held in Dhaka reporters unit's Shagor-Runi hall.

"Every year, thousands of CSE engineers graduate from different universities," Dr. Akher Hossain stated. However, they are unable to demonstrate their knowledge in the industry sector owing to a lack of suitable and adequate capability."

To address a current issue in the industry, the CTO forum hosted an Innovation Hackathon for students, which provided opportunities for students to enhance their abilities and gain knowledge. As a result, they are growing as individuals. "The CTO forum also hosted an innovation hackathon to address specific difficulties in A2i” Arfe Elahi remarked, thanking the CTO forum for developing qualified human resources. We are overjoyed that future generations are learning how to solve difficulties. It will not be difficult to find a designated leader for constructing a digital Bangladesh if we can train these youngsters.

"From the beginning of the voyage of the CTO forum till today, our primary goal has been to expertise the human resource in our IT area," Tapan Kanti Sarker remarked. The CTO Forum is a non-profit, non-political forum. We think that through obtaining knowledge and putting it to use, the route to a digital Bangladesh would be accelerated. Only if we can train our human resources to an international standard will our cyber security be assured."

During the press conference, the CTO forum announced not only their next Innovation Hackathon in 2022 but also their plans to award the CTO Award to the top IT person and launched their official website.

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