MD Abdul Hakim, founder and managing director of Unique Business System Limited (UBSL), the witness of the ICT development of the country since the year of 1993. He is an entrepreneurial spirit emerged when he was a child and launched his first business Unique Business Systems Limited in 1993 which has been ceaselessly dedicated to introduce quality new technologies in Bangladesh specially  for the improvement of Education system of the country. Yes, when he thought about the projector to enhance the learning process, a very few persons could thought about such device for projection. Since then, his visionary business movements have been contributing the social development, information communication, public information, mass empowerment, manpower and human development, government and private sector digitalization and numerous other products to help fundamental development in Bangladesh with an affordable price. It was the beginning of projector in Bangladesh at the very first time and the results is known to us now. It was his leadership that contributes our ICT industry and shows the way for his followers. His greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and dynamic leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.

Education and Training:

In 1980 he received his degree from Kushtia Govt. College. After graduation, he received several training in Hotel Management from Australia and received his Training on Communications & Leadership from Australia in the year of 1989. Not only that he also achieved the training and certification on Office Stationary & Data Solution from Singapore in the year 1995.

Present  Leadership:

Managing Director of-

Unique Business Systems Limited,

Unique Automobiles Ltd,

Unique Sound Systems Ltd,

Unique Computer systems Ltd

Unique Medical Systems Ltd.

Pacific Communication Ltd

Pioneer Presentation Ltd.

Director of Unique Power Electronic Ltd.

Vice Chairman of Unique Share Management Ltd.

On his 56th Birthday, Techworld Bangladesh had an opportunity to wish and talk to him regarding his 25th years of journey in local ICT industry. The key conversation of the session has been shared below:

How did you notice the development of the IT industry since last two decade?

  • It is tremendous when started, we had to make people understand the technology but now they have become choosy. So the market has been grown, so does the business competition and its size. And I am to say that positive change of ICT market has reshaped our local industry. We are in ICT and using it as common in every aspect of our life.  When, 25 years back, we started with only 10 people, it has increased upto 200 along with 10 branched across the country. 

What was the key component that contributes the best   for this remarkable development?

Actually you cannot define it for anything sole , it is a collaboration. Like consumer increase, means the demand and it encouraged supply. Finally the policy maker, yes, we are lucky to have such dynamic government leadership for the infrastructure and regulation that inspire the industry people to take risk in business. So, all were moving simultaneously and these collective efforts results this industry with opportunities. But most interesting is the consumer and their behavior towards technology especially the mobile penetration. It helps people to connect with technology that increased the others product demand also.  Finally the competition among the business community has benefitted the consumer and made market healthy.   

What would you like to say about business challenges between now and 25 years back?

That time we didn’t have the market challenges like now. That time the market was small and the consumer wasn’t aware.  Market wasn’t ready and it was the challenge then but right now the market has been mature enough and the completion is huge.  And we have technology friendly government, engrossed consumer and spirited private sector. So time is totally changed when we started.

You spent your 25 years of business life with ICT. So as experienced, could you please tell us the future of Bangladesh in ICT and also about your organization?

Look, ICT or digitalization has motivated the whole nation of our country that is the indication of rising movements of a country. When everyone becomes understand that there is no alternative but to digital then nothing can hold us back, as I believe.  And the day is not far away from us. And about Unique Business System Limited, we always believe in quality service rather to the quantity.  So I hope we will do much better in future and I am confident enough about my team and youngsters I have that they will be more dynamic and smart than me. As an optimistic person, I also believe that we have the opportunity to export our services in the global market by next 25 years from now. Let us see the next.

Thank you so much, Sir to share your thoughts with us.

You are welcome.

Achievementss & Membership

Best service award

Prioritized Service Award

Sales Award

Membership with Bangladesh Computer Samity

BCS Computer City

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