Ms. Noriko Gunji has been appointed as President and CEO of Canon Singapore Private Limited (Canon Singapore), the regional headquarters for Canon in South and Southeast Asia in the year 2016. Ms. Gunji has also been appointed as Executive Officer of Canon Inc., earlier in April of the same year.

She moved from her most recent role as Vice President of Canon China. Based in Singapore, Ms. Gunji oversees and leads Canon employees and business partners in the area of sales, marketing and operations in 18 markets, including the domestic Singapore market, national sales offices in India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Recently, Ms. Noriko Gunji, President and CEO of Canon Singapore Private Limited, visited Bangladesh. South and South-East Asia are a very vital market for Canon. Canon usually sells their products in 23 markets of this region, including India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippine, Singapore and many other countries. Ms. Gunji is engaged as the responsible person from Canon for these countries. 

During her visit to Bangladesh, Ms. Gunji met the officials and employees of JAN Associates (Canon’s distributor in Bangladesh) at their Dhanmondi office in Dhaka. She also shared her satisfaction about the contribution of JAN Associates in expansion of Canon market in Bangladesh. She said-Since the last couple of years, Information and Communication Technology has progressed remarkably in the countries of South and South-East Asia and the main reason behind it is the young generation of this region who are very much interested in using IT products. Besides, huge investments have been observed, too, in the IT sector of the government levels in different countries belonging to this region which seems really positive.

In a press conference, Managing Director of JAN Associates Mr. Abdullah H Kafi let Ms. Gunji inform about the existing market of Canon products in Bangladesh and also discussed about how Canon products can be made more poplar. He said- Now, we belong to an age of digital technology. Our ICT sector has been enriched enough in the last couple of years under the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ project developed by the current government.

·Ms. Gunji achieved B. A Degree from the University of Sudan and started her career with Canon Inc. in Tokyo in 1987.
·She fulfilled her different responsibilities successfully in her long 20 years’ career.
·At the beginning, Ms. Gunji, as a member of Canon Team, performed her responsibilities of Sales and Business Development in China.
·Ms. Gunji took over from Mr. KensakuKonishi, a Canon veteran who had served as President and CEO in Canon Singapore since 2012.

The Monthly Techworld Bangladesh had an opportunity to have a chat with this great personality and the key conversation of the session has been shared below:

1. What do Canon users expect from Canon?

Usually, a Canon user expects the best product and the best service considering the affordability.

2. What plan do you have for Canon users to be with it more than now?

We are very keen to promote our product and service towards them who still is not connected with us. Our continuous effort is to offer the latest and more advanced technology product to satisfy our users more.

3. Does Canon consider Smartphone-cameras a means to impact its business?

No not at all. It is not comparable with the professional performance of both cameras and it matters for the user specially who look for the best.People may start out using a smartphone but a trend is usually observed where they actually want to take photography a step further, as Canon camera is somehow worth more than a smartphone happy snap.

4. Canon Bangladesh is doing very good so far we know, so are you satisfied with the market growth of CANON Bangladesh?

Yes, Canon Bangladesh is really doing very good in terms of consumer satisfaction and I am happy and enthusiastic to support local partner in Bangladesh as an emerging market. There is immense potential for growth and I look forward to working together with my colleagues to bring a wealth of innovative imaging and business solutions to our customers. We will also continue our work on sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the environments we operate in, making Canon an even more attractive company for our employees, partners and customers as well.

5. What is the most competitive advantage does CANON has on others?

Firstly, I would like to mention of product quality, reliability and finally the technology that we prefer. Apart from this, Canon also offers standard and professional caliber HDSLR video in comparison with others. In short, Canon carries some of the best in the industry.

Thank you so much for having your time.

You are welcome.

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