Posts, Telecommunications and Information Communication Technology (ICT) minister Mustafa Jabbar said the government is developing software with Bengali language based ICT services for ‘differently-abled’ people. Those who are both deaf-mute but can see will be benefited by this software.

Minister Mustafa Jabbar was addressing as chief guest at a software development workshop for disabled people at the Software Technology Park conference room in Janata Tower of Karwanbazar in Dhaka on Thursday (Nov 8).

The software is being developed under a project, initiated by ICT division, called Bengali language enrichment in information technology through research and development.

Software development project director Md Ziauddin and ICT Division secretary Zuena Aziz among others spoke at the program presided by Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) acting executive director Rezaul Karim.

Urging people concerned to create Bengali language-based software suitable for ‘differently abled’ persons, Minister Jabbar said, “We are leading the Bengali language and we must create software for people who use the language.”

The software will include all possible settings or situations needed for a disabled person to carry out domestic and institutional activities. For example- describing any illness to a physician or taking treatment, seeking legal help from a policeman or other similar situations that can happen in classroom, restaurant, shops, airport, entertainment places and family discussions etc. The software will be capable for sign to text and speech generation.   

BUET, Shahjalal University teachers and representatives of Centre for Disability in Development CDD were also present at the workshop.

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