The Ruling Awami League vowed, in its election manifesto revealed on Tuesday (December 18), to launch 5G as well as cheapen internet price if they are voted to power.

”We, if given the mandate to rule the state, will launch 5G by 2021-23. Internet price and mobile call rate will be brought down to reasonable level,” Awami League President Sheikh Hasina said.

Sheikh Hasina said 200 types of digital services are being provided to the public through 5,737 digital centers and 8,200 e-post offices.

Optical fiber, as Sheikh Hasina added, is being expanded to union level. Bangladesh has entered the realm of space science by launching Bangabandhu satellite-1 in space.

Sheikh Hasina, also the Prime Minister, revealed her 21-point manifesto for the 11th parliamentary election slated for December 30.

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