Paper fly, the Bangladeshi home delivery logistics company having the widest coverage, is all set to start its operation exclusively targeting the f-commerce market with exciting and relatable new offers. These services will bring in great value and convenience to the small-medium-large online seller community to take their business forward and scale it up.  Paperfly is leading the eCommerce logistics segment both in terms of coverage, order handling and tech automation.

FCommerce is the industry that refers to the small and medium businesses which are primarily Facebook-centric. About 1 lakh merchants are operating their business over Facebook and if such businesses are given a platform to stand over, it would inevitably help the economy to excel and help them flourish their business in the process. Keeping this in mind, Paperfly has undertaken this initiative to cater to their business need.

From January 20th, Paperfly officially started their new merchant registration campaign with 8 unique offers to serve this market. These offers include ‘5 days/week payment’, meaning merchants will get payments every day of the banking week; ‘Next day delivery inside Dhaka without any extra cost’; ‘Return package to merchant within 7 days for Dhaka’; ‘Free smart return and smart check services to control the return’ and ‘Free warehousing for merchants with paid packaging solution’. All these at a delivery charge of only TK40 inside Dhaka.

In terms of doorstep delivery and cash collection, currently only Paperfly is offering services anywhere in the country through own setup, at the union level and beyond. That means with Paperfly an online seller will be able to sell their products anywhere in Bangladesh.

“F-commerce is a big growing segment, with close to 100,000 small/medium/large entrepreneurs operating via this platform. Typically, they have limited fund and need to roll their sales proceeding very fast. We wanted to tap this market only after raising the benchmark of our services and with the best offers that will help their business,” said Rahath Ahmed, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Paperfly.

“Other e-commerce logistics are still Dhaka centric and have limited coverage outside Dhaka. It's proven and admitted by our clients no one goes where we go for home delivery. This is a huge differentiator having a direct impact on the eCommerce growth for Bangladesh,” he added.

According to Rahath Ahmed, Paperfly has closed 2019 with 80 delivery point offices nationwide and will set up a total of 200 points within 2020.

“Without a modern, automated and professional logistics sector, e-commerce will never be able to flourish in any country. Innovative endeavors like this will help our eCAB members and other online f-commerce merchants hugely” said special guest Muhammad Abdul Wahed Tomal, General Secretary of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB). E-CAB has been a key enabler for e-commerce in Bangladesh and have always identified logistics as one of the major bottlenecks for growth.

An estimate of roughly 55,000 orders are catered every day through e-commerce logistics companies (includes e-commerce, f-commerce, food, etc). The value of e-commerce logistics is around BDT 200 crore annually and expected to grow exponentially. Ecommerce currently hold only 1% of the retail share, which is expected to grow at an increasing rate in the next few years.

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