Cover Story

What Role Can The Media Play In Managing The Covid-19 Outbreak?

March 30 2020 | TW News Correspondent

The WHO announced a ‘mystery pneumonia’ on 31 December 2019. Since then the virus has been identified (SARS-CoV-2), the disease named (COVID-19), and there has been global spread, with cases identified in 72 countries (as of 3 March 2020) and tens of thousands of people testing positive...

A Guide to Venture Capital Financings for Startups

February 29 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Startups seeking financing often turn to venture capital (VC) firms. These firms can provide capital; strategic assistance; introductions to potential customers, partners, and employees; and much more.

Venture capital financings are not easy to obtain or close. Entreprene...

Design Thinking as a Strategy for Innovation

January 13 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Design-led companies such as Apple, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble and SAP have outperformed the S&P 500 by an extraordinary 211%. This article highlights the distinctions between design and design thinking and how the latter, if executed proper...

Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2020

December 18 2019 | TW News Correspondent

Daniel Newman

Over the last few years, most discussions about the next year’s Digital Transformation trends had begun to feel a bit repetitive: Cloud, Edge Compute, the IoT, AR… It always seemed like the same chairs being rearranged around the same old room.


Competition, Disruption, and Deception

November 23 2019 | TW News Correspondent

Five significant trends will dramatically shape the global outlook and operating environment through 2023.

By Paul A. LaudicinaErik R. Peterson, and Courtney Rickert McCaffrey

Executive Summary 

  • Battle for technological supremacy.&nbs...

Importance of Training and Development

October 17 2019 | TW News Correspondent

Everything you need to know about importance of training and development. Training and development is the corner-stone of sound management.

Training and development makes employees more productive and effec...

Solving The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Within Your Organization

September 29 2019 | TW News Correspondent

A seemingly endless supply of new and increasingly more complex cyber-attacks has been d...

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) : A era of Enterprise Solutions

August 26 2019 | TW News Correspondent

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform. These tasks can include queries, calculations and maintenance of records...

Market Research for Startups: Is it Important?

July 25 2019 | TW News Correspondent

One of the most shocking things to me, as an investor and advisor to startup companies, is the lack or market and customer knowledge that exists with many entrepreneurs. I can’t even tell you the number of times that I have interacted wit...