There is a huge demand has been created for ventilators around the world due to Noble Coronavirus treatment but the supply is very limited in that proportion. There also many complications have been seen in the production and import of medical equipment because of lockdowns around the world. On the other hand, the least developed or developing countries are struggling to fulfill the demand for the epidemic.

Under such circumstances, a group of young researchers from Daffodil International University has succeeded in developing a low-cost ventilator. Md. Hafizul Imran, project manager of robotics at the university said that work on the low-cost ventilator project was started from Daffodil Robotics Lab in early April. The project also involves two members of the Robotics Lab, Ziaul Haque Zim and Rony Shaha. The project has been successfully completed after 20 days with the untiring efforts of all. The ventilator is named "Nishash".

The researchers said that in this low-cost ventilator, the respiratory rate and tidal volume can be set as per patient’srequirement at ICU. The ventilator will be able to play an important role in ICU support during coronapandemics in big cities of the country as well as in small towns. Apart from corona treatment, this ventilator can be effective in hospitals which do not have ICU / respiratory support.

Daffodil International University is preparing for the clinical test of the ventilator this week. Md. Hafizul Imran, the head of the project, said that if the clinical test is successful, it can be produced commercially.


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