Transport service through mobile app is not something new. Recently, people in our country adopted the mobile app based motorcycle or car services very naturally to reach their destination. Even some foreign companies too are providing such transport services competing with some local companies. But, despite the availability of such transport services, did the traffic jam get reduced?

So, providing a solution to this complicated issue, recently, world famous European aero-plane manufacturing company ‘Airbus’ took off their flying car on trial basis. Airbus themselves designed the flying car.

This is the first successful take off of the flying car. The manufacturing company was able to take off this prototype aircraft ‘Vahana’ for two times for 53 seconds. This trial basis take off was taken place at the Pendelton Unmanned Aerial Systems Range in, Oregon USA.

By the year 2020, this flying car is likely to hit market commercially, as the Vahana officials conformed.

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