Shahajatri means companion in Bengali. In the fast-moving world, where the last thing anyone else cares about is your mental health, a companion is what you search for. You might hear this sentence a lot: “You have no reason to be depressed.” Or maybe: “Well you don’t look anxious.” And of course, the worst of all, “You are lying. You are just pretending for attention.” People all around you, just throw these statements without thinking twice about them, which leads to casually dismissing the feelings you have and the trauma you are going through. You search for individuals who, if not prioritize, will at least give equal importance to your mental health as they give to your physical health. It is quite obvious that your mental health state will not be pasted on your physical appearance, for people to be able to judge your condition and compare it with other people they know, in order for them to think whether your mental health needs attention or not. Spoiler alert! But we all know this already; they will never think that your mental health requires attention. Due to the stigma surrounding the idea of seeking help for mental health in the Bangladeshi society, many people suffer in silence and end up taking wrong steps. But this time when you are looking for someone to understand how you feel, you will now see a hand reaching out to you, you will find someone to walk with, someone to walk you through the rough path, eventually towards healing. That hand, that someone is none other than Shahajatri, an online platform, aiming towards increasing awareness about mental health and providing solutions to overcome them. Shahajatri’s main aim is to make you believe that you are not alone. In Shahajatri, we promise you will be felt and supported. It’s not only you going through trauma, but many others too. Shahajatri was made with the hope to create a society which will not be stigmatized against mental health. It was made to break the taboo regarding mental illnesses. We want to help you get through the storm that thunders on your emotional well-being. We want to row your boat that you are rowing against the high tides of societal prejudiced expectations and definitions of how things should be. Each and every soul matters. Each and every life is important. You are the light in hundreds of people’s lives. Shahajatri wants to make you get out from the cage you are in, wants to help you recognize the light. We know, you don’t deserve to suffer as much as you are suffering. We know that the groundless expectations set for you don’t define your worth. We know you deserve to see the night sky covered with stars, each giving you a new hope, a new reason to live.

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