Bangladeshi tech giant Walton has launched four models of power supply unit (PSU) in the market including 80 plus gold certified efficiency and ARGB modular. PSU is one of the most important parts of computers. It converts alternating current to low-voltage direct current and distributes and supplies power to the computer’s motherboard, RAM, hard drive and other parts as needed.

Computer engineers said that a good quality and appropriate power supply unit is must to get best performance of desktop PCs. However, most of the power supply units found in the market are non-branded and low quality. Although they have high specs written on the body, they do not actually match and in fact the power supply is less effective though high wattage configurations are mentioned. Capacitors used on those PSU are also seen of low quality. So customers should use a power supply unit of a trusted and reliable brand.

Walton officials said, they released the 4 models of PSUs in the market considering the need of the users under its power device brand ‘ARC’. These power supply units are available all over the country. Customers can also purchase all kinds of Walton products including digital devices from Walton’s own online shop e-plaza (

Engineer Liakat Ali, Deputy Managing Director of Walton Digi-Tech Industries Limited, said that priced at only 7,850 BDT, the 750-watt ARGB modular ATX 12V PSU features 80 plus gold certified efficiency. The PSU which has 140mm Smart Thermal Control Fan and active Power Factor Correction (PFC), is suitable for graphics and gaming PCs. There are also 3 models of 80 plus bronze certified efficiency 450, 550 and 650 watt ATX 12V PSU. Prices of those PSUs range from BDT 3,450 to BDT 4,750. Customers are also getting upto 2 years warranty on Walton PSU.

Currently Walton is producing and marketing various models and features of desktop, laptop, all-in-one PC, monitor, tab, keyboard, mouse, pen drive, earphone, Wi-Fi router, UPS, USB hub, card reader, speaker, SSD, external SSD, RAM, PCBA, memory card, power bank, projector, digital writing pad and USB Type C cable etc. Walton Computer will also soon launch various IT products and accessories such as access control devices, printers, networking switches, webcams, etc.

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