With the participation of 64 District Education Officers, working under the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, a day-long workshop called “Digital Bangladesh: Using ICT in Education Sector” was organized on 7th February 2018 at the Prime Minister’s Office. The workshop was jointly organized by the Cabinet Division, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, and the Access to Information Programme (a2i) of Prime Minister's Office.

Discussion took place on innovations and progress achieved in the use of ICT for innovation, capacity building and mentoring in the education sector. Kabir Bin Anwar, Honorable Director General (Administration) of Prime Minister's Office, and Project Director of a2i Programme presided over the session. Md. Sohrab Hossain, Honorable secretary of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, was present as the chief guest and Professor Md. Hamidul Haque, Honorable Director General of National Academy for Educational Management (NAEM) was present as the special guest in this workshop. Professor Md. Mahabubur Rahman, Honorable Director General of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education presented the key note paper.

The core purpose of the workshop was to discuss ways on making the teachers more qualified for providing quality education through using of ICTs and the role of district education officers in creating an enabling environment for the education system to prosper. It is expected that, using the knowledge and experience acquired from this workshop, the District Education Officers will be able to create a conducive atmosphere for providing quality education to the school teachers in their own districts. As a result, students will receive quality education and would be able to increase their scope of knowledge through creativity. The workshop participants were briefed on "Konnect" (http://konnect.edu.bd/) for teenagers; "Teacher’s Portal" (https://www.teachers.gov.bd/) for the development of teachers' skills; Mutko Paath (muktopaath.gov.bd/) for teacher’s training, role of ambassadors to spread the use of ICT in education, and real-time monitoring and mentoring.

a2i Programme of the Prime Minister's Office and the Division of Secondary and Higher Education, and the offices under the division are jointly undertaking different initiatives to ensure quality education for all which can help the nation implement the Digital Bangladesh vision by 2021 and achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) by 2030. Education officers are becoming more encouraged to bring about innovation in education sector and the teachers are becoming more interested in using digital education materials. The Ministry of Education, the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, the District Education Officers, teachers and students will benefited with the implementation of digital education initiatives.

Among others, a2i’s e-learning specialist Prof. Faruque Ahmed, Director (Training) of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education Professor Dr. Md. Abdul Malek and senior officials from Cabinet Division, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Department of Agricultural Extension and the a2i Program of the Prime Minister's Office were also present.

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