The Hon'ble State Minister for the ICT Division of Bangladesh Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP said that the countries of the current world that cannot produce skilled human resources will lag behind in the future. The state minister said this in his speech as the chief guest at the "Sponsor Night" program of the "International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Finals" at Hotel Intercontinental in the capital on Sunday night, September 11.

Pointing out that neither Japan nor South Korea are rich in mineral resources, Palak said they are leading the world in information technology and innovation due to the development of skilled human resources. He said to fulfill that goal, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given a new vision after fulfilling the vision of Digital Bangladesh. Building a cost-effective, sustainable, intelligent, knowledge-based, innovative, smart Bangladesh by 2041 based on Digital Bangladesh. That the next generation of Bangladesh will be the generation of problem solvers instead of problem makers. That is why the National High School Programming Contest has been started to build an innovative culture in the country, he said. He also said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate 5000 more digital computer labs on October 18 “Sheikh Russel Day” as part of the continuous program of building innovative smart Bangladesh.

Dr. Bill Poucher, Executive Director of ICPC Foundation, greeted the audience through a video speech. He said, “We are now celebrating the forty-fifth ICPC World Finals. The ICPC aims to inspire today’s young adults to pursue excellence in the art and science of computing with the passion of musicians and athletes. These students will join the 320,000 ICPC alumni as software engineers, developers, scientists, professors and technology leaders who will power the engine of prosperity today and for generations to come.”

Mr. N M Zeaul Alam PAA, Senior Secretary of the ICT Division, Prof. Dr. Qumrul Ahsan, Vice Chancellor of the University of Asia Pacific, the Managing Director (Grade-1) of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority (BHTPA) Dr. Bikarna Kumar Ghosh and The Executive Director (Additional-in-Charge) of BCC Mr. Ranajit Kumar were also present at the program.

The Director of Bangladesh Computer Council Mr. Mohammad Enamul Kabir presented detailed information about the ICPC contest in the form of a presentation. He said that this year's event will be held in Dhaka from 6-11 November 2022. 1400 foreigners from more than 75 countries of the world are expected to participate in this event, including students from 8 universities of Bangladesh.

Among others, ISPAB President Mr. Md Emdadul Hoque, BACCO President Mr. Wahid Sharif and others were present at the program. In the program, late Jamilur Reza Choudhury, the famous engineer who was the promoter of ICPC in Bangladesh, was remembered with deep gratitude. It is to be noted that the world's most prestigious programming contest "International Collegiate Programming Contest" (ICPC) Finals is being held in Bangladesh in collaboration with the ICT Division of Bangladesh Government, Bangladesh Computer Council and University of Asia Pacific.

Accordingly, The International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) is the premier global programming competition conducted by and for the World’s universities. The global competition is organized by the ICPC Foundation headquartered at Baylor University in Texas, USA. Since 1970’s, for over four decades, the ICPC has grown to be a game-changing global competitive educational program that has raised aspirations and performance of generations of the world’s problem solvers in mathematics, computing science and engineering. Bangladesh has been participating in the ICPC since 1998 and had the honor of becoming the Asia West champion last year. Bangladesh is now the 4th country in Asia to have the honor of hosting this world premiere event.

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