The role of robots in space exploration is essential. Robotics activities are involved in every space research. From the International Space Station to the lunar missions and Mars missions, robots are being used everywhere. The recently invented robot Perseverance, which is currently stationed on Mars.

Various robots including this Perseverance robot are constantly helping us in space research by regularly sending various types of information about the planet.

The use of these robotics will increase in the future. Different fields of science, technology, mathematics, engineering and programming are involved in the various activities of robotics.

In continuation of this, for the second time, Bangladesh Innovation Forum and Space Innovation Camp jointly organized South Asia's largest "Space Robotics Camp" with students aged 4-16 years on September 29-30, 2023 at the American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) campus.

In the event, children will learn about 10 types of robots by hand about the activities that space robots do in space exploration, such as drugging, data collection, sample collection, image processing, and they will make their own robots. There are also space robot programming, astronaut training, gravity experience, etc.

Ariful Hasan Opu, president of Bangladesh Innovation Forum, said about the event, "In this camp, children will be shown various activities of space robotics and what kind of activities the recently invented robots are doing on the planet, especially on Mars." This way they will learn teamwork and how to solve a problem. We believe that today's generation is the future of space research in Bangladesh.

The event has American International University-Bangladesh as its venue partner and Creative Junior as its knowledge partner. Registration for participation in Space Robotics Camp should be completed at this address

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