Post and Telecommunication Minister Mustafa Jabbar urged TikTok to play a leading role as it can make a fruitful contribution to creating awareness in the development of digital skills of the country’s young generation. The Minister made this call while the Vice President of Global Public Policy of TikTok, Helena Lars, met him in his office at the Secretariat on Tuesday, 5 September.

Posts and Telecommunication Minister said that most people use social media for entertainment. In order for the users to use this medium to increase their skills, he suggested taking a role in creating interest in using TikTok for positive work in addition to disseminating educational data.

The minister highlighted his experience in creating digital content for education since 1999 thereby advancing the new generation in acquiring digital skills.

He said that as a part of creating smart human resources, the initiative of the Department of Posts and Telecommunications has introduced teaching programs through digital content in 650 schools and 28 neighborhood centers of the country. Another thousand institutions are in the process of introducing this system. This pioneer of digital technology development called on TikTok to be careful about promoting educational content as well as being used as a social medium that suits our social and cultural norms.

He said that in continuation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Digital Bangladesh program, high-speed digital connectivity has reached the doorsteps of people across the country, including the remote areas of the country. 98 percent areas of the country have been brought under the coverage of 4G mobile network. High-speed broadband connectivity has been extended to almost every union in the country. With the continuation of the expansion of digital connectivity, digital technology through social media has now reached the doorsteps of the grassroots of the country.

Helena Lars appreciated the development of Bangladesh in developing digital connectivity and expressed the hope that they would take the initiative to transform TikTok into a popular platform by following all the traditions and culture of Bangladesh.

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