The national phase of Al Arafah Islami Bank 9th Bangladesh Junior Science Olympiad-BJSO was held at the science and technology complex located in Agargaon, Dhaka. 

All the colorful activities were held throughout the day for the meritorious students from all over the country and the national event culminates in the afternoon with the prize distribution and closing ceremony. Around 500 students who won the school Olympiad and regional rounds participated in today’s national round.

As soon as the morning bird calls, the school Olympiad and regional winners from different parts of the country and their parents start arriving. The organization of the national phase started with students entering the science complex at 8 a.m. After that, the examination phase of the National Olympiad started around 9 o’clock. In the Olympiad, 2 each of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology 6 small problems and big problems divided into three subjects were given to solve.

At the end of the Olympiad, a science quiz organized by the Science Museum was held for the participating young scientists. Winners of the quiz were awarded with goodwill awards by the National Science and Technology Museum. After that, the students were given the opportunity to visit the National Science and Technology Museum for free. The tour ended at the National Museum of Science and Technology with the traveling Six-D Movie Exhibition. After lunch, a robot show was organized for the students. Followed by an open discussion on science and a question-answer session on robots.

In the question-answer session, all the questions were answered by everyone’s favorite professor Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal. One student asked, “If black holes can’t be seen, how do we photograph them?”  In the answer, Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal said, “Actually we do not take pictures of black holes. Don’t see the black hole. Black holes are indistinguishable from objects around them.”

Al Arafah Islami Bank 9th Bangladesh Junior Science Olympiad award distribution and closing ceremony started at 4 p.m. Bangladesh Science Popularization Association Vice President Munir Hasan, General Secretary Professor Dr. Farsim Mannan Mohammadi, Executive Director of Bangladesh Freedom Foundation Sajjadur Rahman Chowdhury, Dhaka University Professor Dr. Lafifa Jamal, North South University Professor Dr. Nova Ahmed, Al Arafah Islami Bank Deputy Managing Director Sabbir Ahmed and Senior Vice President Jalal Ahmed and National Science and Technology Museum Director A. K. M. Lutfur Rahman Siddique and Dhaka University assistant professor Dr. Mushtaq Ibn Ayyub were present at the event.

Dr. Mushtaq Ibn Ayyub said, “In order to undergo scientific research, two qualities are needed. Observational ability and open mind. These qualities should be cultivated in you”. 

Al Arafah Islami Bank Senior Vice President Jalal Ahmed said, “We are very happy to be associated with the Junior Science Olympiad. We are proud of the students’ interest in science through this.”

Sabbir Ahmed, Deputy Managing Director of Al-Arafah Islami Bank said, “I am overwhelmed by the questions asked by the children here on dark matter, microprocessors, genetic engineering. Although I am a commerce student. I am very happy to be with such an organization. We will be with such arrangement in future too”. 

Director of National Science and Technology Museum. K. M. Lutfur Rahman Siddique said, “We are on our side to make Bangladesh a science-minded nation and we have various facilities including movie bus in cooperation.” 

General Secretary of Bangladesh Science Popularization Association Farsim Mannan Mohammadi said, “The questions of this year’s Bangkok International Junior Science Olympiad will be very tough. This year’s IJSO will be very challenging for us. That’s why we have to be very strategic.”

Munir Hasan, vice-president of Bangladesh Science Popularization Association, first asked in the closing speech, “What is the difference between humans and animals?” 

Students were saying one by one, intelligence, conscience, humanity, knowledge, etc. He replied, “People read books. His acquired knowledge and acquired experience can be written from one generation to another. It’s his big virtue” Munir Hasan then ended his speech with the slogan ‘Say no to drugs and lies’.

Then the prize distribution started. A total of 52 students including 12 champions, 17 first runners-up, 23 second runners-up were declared winners in the national phase in three categories.

The 9th BDJSO National Camp is being organized from 10th to 12th September with the national level winners. From there a team of 6 will be announced for the International Junior Science Olympiad. They will get a chance to represent Bangladesh in 20th International Junior Science Olympiad in Thailand.

This year’s 9th Bangladesh Junior Science Olympiad was jointly organized by the Bangladesh Science Popularization Society (SPSB), Bangladesh Freedom Foundation (BFF), and the National Science and Technology Museum.

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