TikTok has entered into a partnership with the 10 Minute School to launch the #ExamReady digital learning program. This initiative is set to facilitate online education and distance learning for students in grades 8 to 10, including SSC candidates.

The collaboration between TikTok and 10 Minute School will yield over 400 unique educational videos, covering subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Bangla and English grammar, and ICT. These videos will also include study tips and exam hacks. The first round of content is slated to launch in October this year.

In addition to the #ExamReady program, TikTok and the 10 Minute School will also initiate the #ExamReady Scholarship Program. The program aims to provide online study grants to 15,000 deserving students from across Bangladesh, including high school students (grades 8-10) and SSC candidates, who comprise approximately 10-12 million students.

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