Uber, the leading ridesharing app, announced it was changing the way Uber Moto drivers are compensated to improve reliability for riders and reduce trips taken off the platform. 

Starting today Uber Moto drivers will have the option to choose from a range of subscription plans that suit their needs. Uber expects this will lead to a significant reduction in drivers asking riders to pay them directly and take the trip ‘offline’. Requests for so-called ‘khep’ trips can lead to frequent cancellations and a bad driver experience. If undertaken, they mean that none of the safety features or insurance that come with a trip taken on the Uber app are functioning. 

With subscriptions, drivers will pay a 0% service fee on all trips as they pick a driving subscription package that works for them. Each day, tens of thousands of Uber Moto driver partners ply the streets of Dhaka. The subscription service will make the experience better for riders and drivers, and lead to greater safety and security on the streets.

Commenting on the launch, Abhishek Padhye, Head of City Operations, Uber India and South Asia, said, “We are pleased to introduce subscriptions for Uber moto driver partners in Dhaka. We understand the safety risks associated with street hail and off-app trips. Subscriptions will improve the experience for drivers and riders alike. Drivers are at the heart of our business.  We will continue to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for them while prioritizing safety, innovation, and convenience.” 

Subscriptions are visible on the latest version of the driver app and are available for multiple durations like daily and three-day subscriptions. The drivers will have access to unlimited offers and unlimited trips within the subscription duration. With comprehensive safety support, insurance coverage, and greater reliability, Uber hopes to offer a seamless product experience for its driver partners.  

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