Samsung has unveiled its inaugural generative AI model, Samsung Gauss, at the Samsung AI Forum 2023. Developed by Samsung Research, the company's research arm, this AI model is poised to make a substantial impact in the field of artificial intelligence. Samsung Gauss comprises three distinct tools--Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image-each designed for specific applications.

Samsung Gauss Language functions as a comprehensive language model, comparable to ChatGPT, demonstrating proficiency in understanding various nuances of human language. Beyond conventional language interactions, it possesses the capability to generate text and images, aid in email composition, and serve as a coding assistant.

Collaborating with the company's code assistant 'code.i,' Samsung Gauss Code is crafted to expedite code generation. It supports an interactive interface for "code description and test case generation."

With a focus on visual creativity, Samsung Gauss Image surpasses traditional image editing capabilities. It can generate images from text, enhance photos, and convert low-resolution images into high resolution.

A distinguishing feature of Samsung Gauss is its ability to operate locally on devices like smartphones and tablets, enhancing accessibility and responsiveness. Although currently confined to internal use, there are indications of an impending public release. Speculation surrounds its potential integration with the Galaxy S24 flagship series, potentially establishing a new standard for AI in smartphones.

Samsung has also enhanced its voice assistant, Bixby, with generative AI functionalities. This upgrade enables Bixby to comprehend context seamlessly, even without predefined commands.

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