A birth certificate is a vital document, often required for various official purposes. Inaccuracies in birth certificates can lead to complications during verification processes. Fortunately, birth certificates can now be updated online, a service which includes options for adding both English and Bangla names, photo attachments, and more. This guide explains how to update your birth certificate online.

Please note, a birth certificate can only be corrected a maximum of seven times. Ensure accuracy before submitting your application, and maintain a stable internet connection throughout the process.

Accessing the online system

Start by visiting the official Birth and Death Registration Information System website at https://bdris.gov.bd/. On the homepage, you'll find several options; select 'Apply for Birth Record Correction'. Enter your birth certificate number and birth date, then complete the Captcha to proceed.

Correction process

After searching, your registration details will appear. Confirm and move to the correction stage. Here, specify the required corrections and attach necessary documents like proof of birth location, addresses, and supporting documents (passport, NID, etc.). Remember, each document should not exceed 100KB in size.

Application and verification

Specify your relationship to the person if applying on behalf of someone else. For personal applications, select 'own'. Provide your contact details to receive a six-digit OTP for verification. After entering this OTP, you'll reach the confirmation page and receive an application number.

Submission and payment

Print the application form and keep the application number and OTP. Visit your local Councillor's office with the printed form, a passport-sized photo, and document copies. The government fee of BDT 50/- can be paid at the Councillor's office or online at https://epay.bdris.gov.bd/.

Processing and collection

Post submission, you will receive a hard copy of the corrected birth certificate from the local office after processing. You can track the application status online, although be aware of potential delays due to software issues.

Asif Ahmed, Councillor of the 33rd ward, DNCC, comments says, "The online system for birth and death certificates is currently slow due to software issues. We are committed to providing the best service possible, but these technical problems are causing delays. Citizens are advised to apply online themselves and visit Councillor offices for further processes to avoid being overcharged by intermediaries."

Special cases for parental corrections

For individuals whose parents have a birth registration number, corrections can be made using their number. If the parent's number was included at the time of your birth registration, their corrected names will automatically update on your certificate. If not, you must map your parent's registration numbers to your own, after which a reprint will reflect the updated names.

For those born before 01/01/2001 without a parent's birth registration number, correcting parental names is part of the overall correction process. In cases where parents are deceased, no proof of death is required. However, for births after 01/01/2001 where parents are deceased and do not have a registration number, proof of death is necessary for corrections.

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