Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has canceled the license of 48 Internet Service Providers and has directed them to surrender their Internet Service Provider (ISP) licenses to BTRC within the next 10 days. A notification in this regard was published on the BTRC website on Tuesday.

However, about 70 percent of the names of the published 48 internet service providers have been found to be providing nationwide internet services by upgrading their licenses from police station to district or from district to divisional or divisional to divisional. And among the remaining 30 percent, some are not doing business or are accused, said Imdadul Haque, President of Internet Service Providers’ Association of Bangladesh- ISPAB.

He said that, BTRC, as per their rules canceled licenses of upgraded establishments, establishments which are not renewing licenses and closed businesses, or two of the accused establishments in one letter. Basically, it is an institutional method. As the number of licensed establishments has not decreased as a result of license cancellation, there are no serious complaints against anyone.

Before this Sunday, an emergency notification signed by BTRC Licensing Branch Director Md. Nurannabi was sent to the concerned.

According to the notification, the ISP license of the category mentioned next to the name of 48 institutions has been canceled as surrender with the approval of the appropriate authority. Any activity carried out under those licenses would be illegal and an offense punishable under the BTRC Act, 2001.

It is requested to refrain from making any type of telecommunication contract, receiving services and financial transactions with the ISP license of the specified category of these ISPs. Also directed to surrender with ISP License Commission within 10 days of issuance of notification (where applicable).

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