Got a headache from downloading a movie from the Internet? The headache is over. After 4G, 5G has come. Have you ever tried to download 10 movies at once? But, what China has discovered now. More than 150 movies can be downloaded in just one second.

Recently, an extensive optical network has been built covering nearly 3000 km in the cities of Beijing, Wuhan, and Guangzhou. 1.2 terabytes (1,200 gigabytes) of data are transferred every second through that network. According to the South China Morning Post report, the project is a joint venture between China’s Tsinghua University, Huawei Technologies, and Cerner Corporation.

Just how fast is this internet? Huawei Technologies Vice-President Wang Lei explained it in a way that common people can understand. He claims, “Data equivalent to 150 high-definition films can be transferred in just one second through this internet. Which until now no one could even dream of”.

Currently, the world’s fastest internet is available, with 100 gigabytes of data transfer per second. Even America has just completed the transition to fifth-generation Internet 2. In this case, there is a data transfer facility of up to 400 gigabytes per second.

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