Daraz’s CCAO and COO were honored with this year’s C-Suite of the Year award. CCAO AHM Hasinul Quddus Russo of Daraz received the award as ‘Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of the Year’ and Khandkar Tasfeen Alam as ‘Chief Operating Officer of the Year’.

This award was given for the second time by the Bangladesh Brand Forum on Saturday night. Regarding this achievement on Wednesday, Daraz’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer AHM Hasinul Quddus Russo said, “This award increases my sagacity of responsibility to continue Daraz’s efforts to improve the quality of life of both buyers and sellers in the society through e-commerce business. As always, I will remain committed to rebuilding the confidence of regulators and consumers.

Russo continues to contribute to reforming the e-commerce ecosystem by streamlining licenses and policies related to cross-border trade, courier services and payment systems. Since 2010, he has honed his expertise in diverse regulatory environments from telco to e-commerce industry and regulatory to government agencies.

At the same time, Khandokar Tasfin Alam, who carries the torch of prosperity for Daraz, has played a role in making Bangladesh’s logistics sector e-commerce friendly and smart. His expertise reflects the growth in the country’s e-commerce sector as well as its operational efficiency. He has helped small businesses thrive by introducing cutting-edge technology, building robust infrastructure and revolutionizing payment systems. Prior to this, Khandokar Tasfin Alam worked in a telecom industry in the European and Middle Eastern markets as well as some of the leading telecom operators in Bangladesh.

After receiving the award, Khandokar Tasfin Alam said, such an honor has encouraged me to accomplish my duties and responsibilities. I am more motivated to engage myself in the smart e-commerce ecosystem. We both express our gratitude to the panel of judges for this recognition. Hopefully this achievement will accelerate efforts to revolutionize the e-commerce industry in Bangladesh.

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