Consumers may call ‘Triple Three’ (333) if the price of goods is claimed high in the market. State Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Zunaid Ahmed Palak announced that this service will be launched before January 31 in view of the month of Ramadan.

He told it at a consultancy meeting on ‘Ensuring more transparency in market rates and bringing innovative changes through digitization’ at the Secretariat on Monday (January 15).

he said, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has directed the newly formed cabinet to try to keep the price of goods affordable during the upcoming Ramadan. We have discussed with the officials of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology that if accurate data can be collected, stored and exchanged in the production, storage, marketing, marketing and import of any product, then much of the problem is solved. It is possible to do.

We have proved during the pandemic that only if there is a will there is a way and that wealth is not an obstacle to deal with the crisis. We want to provide the Ministry of Commerce with information on production, storage, marketing, and import of any product. On the occasion of Ramadan, we want to allocate a call center number, where any buyer or customer can call to exchange information or complain about the price of the product, thereby ensuring transparency and accountability,” added Palak.

The Minister of State for Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology also said that in 2018, honorable ICT Advisor, Architect of Digital Bangladesh Sajib Wazed Joy Bhai gave the idea of ​​333 call centers, we have served more than 9 crore people from there, we have served more than one and a half crore people directly. Production, inventory, import, marketing information will be stored in a central database of the Ministry of Commerce, whose dashboard will be available to the Hon’ble Prime Minister. We will also open up Food for Nation where our online shop and brick-and-mortar retailers can update prices. This allows us to act when consumers complain, open production, inventory, import, marketing information, and also stabilize the market with next-hour supply where crises occur. As a result, hoarders for dishonest purposes will face losses.

Palak said, Food for Nation, 333 call center, and complaint management system platform will be developed using data analysis tools, open information sharing, and complaint management. By using this, it will be possible to reduce the price difference between urban and rural areas, manipulation by hoarders and also ensure fair prices to producers.

Pointing out that even if we know the stock information of government warehouses, we cannot know the stock of private warehouses, Palak said, we want the private information. We will open a website under ‘Food for Nation’ to the Ministry of Commerce, which will contain information on production and stock of products. The Prime Minister and Commerce Minister can see how many products are in the warehouses of top traders on smartphones. Both of them will know if there is any manipulation. Besides, I will open the price of the product to the public on the website so that everyone can know. In this way, where the supply is low, the supply will be increased to normal in the next hour. Then the market will be down, those who stockpile will lose.

Post and Telecommunication Department Secretary Abu Hena Morshed Zaman chaired the event, A2I Senior Policy Advisor Anir Chowdhury, Bangladesh Shop Owner Association President Helal Uddin and Consumer Rights, TCB, Bangladesh Sugar Industry Corporation, S Alam Group, City Group, Meghna Group, PRAN, Representatives of Agora, Mina Bazar, Swapna, Karwan Bazar Owners Association, Chaal Dal, Fruit Traders Association and various business forums were present.

Earlier, the first meeting of the Cabinet was held at the Prime Minister’s office on Monday, January 15 around 10:30 am. He gave directions to the members of the new cabinet in the meeting presided over by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

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