BASIS Election Board didn’t find any authenticity of the complaint launched by the rival Delowar Hossain Faruq against Fahim Mashroor’s nomination in the BASIS Election. Launching a complaint against Director of Ajkerdeal Limited Mr. Fahim Mashroor for his nomination paper submission after the scheduled time, other candidate Chief Executive of Soft Park Mr. Delowar Hossain Faruq appealed for its cancellation to the election board on March 3, 2018.

BASIS along with the reference of Secretariat Election Board gave a reply to that appeal of the candidate Delowar Hossain Faruq yesterday, March 4, 2018. In reply the association stated that there was no irregularity found in nomination paper purchase and submission after the scheduled time fixed by the Election Board.

Delowar Hossain Faruq said- I will raise the issue in Appeal Board. I will take it to the concerned higher authority.

On the other hand, Fahim Mashroor said- My nomination paper has been submitted within the scheduled time as I said before. Everything has been done as per rules and regulations and according to it, the Election Board too has taken the decision.

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