Siegwerk, a leading global provider of safe packaging material solutions emphasizes its devotion to advancing the importance of safe food packaging in Bangladesh through an excellent educational endeavor. The company successfully conducted a knowledge-sharing session on the significance of safe food packaging at Daffodil International University’s Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering (NFE) on Wednesday (31 January). 

The session aimed to raise awareness about the packaging supply chain, enhance the safety aspects of packaging materials, and safeguard consumer’s health. The event commenced with a fleeting orientation by Dr. Nizam Uddin, Head of the Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering at DIU, and Jatin Takkar, Head of Brand Owner Collaboration, Indian Region, Siegwerk, who delivered a guest lecture. 

The session emphasized the importance of safe food packaging, potential food contact & contamination risks, global scandals, and regulatory updates for packaging inks. He further explained what Bangladesh can do to ensure packaging safety, and how Siegwerk being at the forefront of packaging safety is driving awareness around the same subject for Bangladesh.

In his address at the knowledge-sharing session, Jatin Head- Brand Owner Collaboration, Indian Region, Siegwerk, said, “It is vital to understand the potential hazards posed by hazardous chemicals in food packaging inks, the different types of migration that can occur, and the regulatory standards in place to safeguard consumer health. It's essential to remain vigilant and continuously monitor potential risks as new chemicals and ink formulations emerge. The aim of today’s session is to share awareness on safe food packaging and focus on Bangladesh’s latest introduction of stringent standards which prescribes guidelines for printing inks for use on food packaging.”

Jatin further explained Siegwerk’s commitment to ensuring the supply of safe ink and the career opportunities available for those interested in the industry. Subsequently, an exciting Q&A session took place, with students and faculty inquiring about the migration of chemicals, Siegwerk’s approach to sourcing safe chemicals, market size, job placements, and the companies on the circular economy and biodegradable material usage.

As a global packaging ink manufacturer, Siegwerk knows what it takes to develop and print safe food and non-food packaging solutions. With its extensive commitment to product safety, the company is making every effort to develop the safest inks and coatings for food packaging worldwide. To date, Siegwerk has established itself as a global leader in safe packaging solutions and has already helped numerous brand owners with its expertise in terms of food safety and systematic processes to ensure regulatory compliance and avoid food contamination risks.

Through these educational events, Siegwerk demonstrates its robust support for improving the quality and safety of food packaging in Bangladesh and its eagerness to actively contribute to raising awareness and nurturing knowledge on the critical issue. 

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