ShareTrip, the renowned online travel platform, is excited to announce its latest initiative just in time for Valentine's Day! From February 8th to February 28th, 2024, ShareTrip is partnering with top lifestyle brands to offer customers a special shopping experience.

In collaboration with leading names in footwear, apparel, restaurants, gadgets and mobile accessories, ShareTrip aims to add an extra touch of excitement to your Valentine's Day shopping. Participating brands include Apex, Bata, La Mode in footwear Aarong, Fabrilife, Gorur Ghash in apparel and fashion, and OnePlus, Motion View, Samsung and Xiaomi in gadgets and mobile accessories.

What makes this campaign even more delightful is the opportunity for shoppers to receive travel vouchers up to BDT 6,000 on their purchases from shop on the ShareTrip app. The campaign offers up to 30 percent Discount on Bata Gift Voucher; up to 25 percent Discount on Apex Gift Voucher; 25 percent Discount on Bay Gift Voucher; 15 percent Discount on La Mode Gift Voucher; 10 percent Discount on Aarong Online Gift Cards; 12 percent Discount on Fabrilife; 15 percent Discount on Crocodile Gift Voucher; 20 percent Discount on Gorur Ghash; and 25 percent Discount ColourQ Lifestyle. For the ones willing to purchase electronics, there are up to 50 percent Discount on  all electronics, including up to BDT 600 Discount on Xiaomi; up to BDT 7000 Discount on Samsung; up to 20 percent Discount Motion View; and up to BDT 4500 Discount on One Plus. ShareTrip users can also enjoy Gift Vouchers offering discounts of 17 percent at Burger Lab; 15 percent at Chatime; 15 percent at Waffle Time; 15 percent at Lakeshore; and 20 percent at Toum, when purchasing from ShareTrip Vouchers. This aims to enhance your shopping spree but also paves the way for future travel adventures.

"We're thrilled to offer customers the chance to enjoy a special shopping experience while also unlocking exciting travel rewards," said Sadia Haque, Co-founder and CEO of ShareTrip. "By teaming up with top lifestyle brands, we aim to provide our customers with quality products for their loved ones on the ShareTrip app."

This campaign presents an ideal opportunity for shoppers to find the perfect gifts for loved ones or indulge in something special for themselves, all while earning rewards for their next getaway. Whether it's a stylish pair of shoes, a trendy outfit, the latest gadgets, or a romantic dinner at a top restaurant, ShareTrip is here to make your Valentine's Day shopping memorable.

So, dive into the ShareTrip lifestyle campaign this Valentine's season and elevate your shopping experience. Discover quality products, earn exciting rewards, and start planning your next adventure with ShareTrip!

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