Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) of ICT Division of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh organized a job fair in the capital Dhaka with the aim of providing employment to specially-abled persons or for the person with disabilities. Since 2015, this fair has been organized under the initiative of the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) of ICT Division. The fair was organized in collaboration with the Centre for Services and Information on Disability (CSID) and NGO Affairs Bureau of Prime Minister's Office.

On February 10, 2024, Saturday morning, the opening ceremony of the fair was organized at the office building of the NGO Affairs Bureau in Agargaon, Dhaka.

The state minister for Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP inaugurated the job fair 2024 as the chief guest. The Secretary of the ICT Division Mr. Md. Shamsul Arefin, the Director General (Grade-1) of NGO Affairs Bureau of Prime Minister's Office Md. Saidur Rahman and the Executive Director of the CSID Mr. Khandaker Jahurul Alam were present as the special guests at the program.

Engr. Md. Golam Sarwar, Director of Training and Development Department of BCC delivered the welcome speech on the occasion. The Executive Director (Grade-1) of BCC Mr. Ranajit Kumar presided over the program.

In the speech at the opening ceremony of the fair Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP stated that disabled people work hard. He said that people with disabilities are more attentive and responsible in the workplace than healthy normal youths. He said that the disabled are our brothers and sisters and they should be given opportunities. He also said that disabled people will be ahead than others with their hard work, talent and responsibility.

The state minister said that technology should be used to eliminate discrimination between physical disabilities and the especially abled. He said that no disabled children of our country will stay at home. They will not be a burden to the family or country. By giving a little assistance and opportunity to the disabled, they will become the country's asset and lead Bangladesh to become a smart Bangladesh. Mentioning that an entrepreneur fair will be organized for the disabled, State Minister Palak said that not only a job fair for the disabled, but the disabled will create employment for thousands of youth by becoming entrepreneurs. He called for the use of the "Emporia (" portal so that the disabled can take skill development training at home. At the same time, he requested the director general of the NGO Bureau to provide jobs to the disabled in NGOs.

The Secretary of the ICT Division Mr. Md. Shamsul Arefin said that no human being is intentionally disabled and it is given by nature. People with disabilities are not a burden to society. He said that backward people must be included in our society. He also said that if we do not understand disabled people, they will never come forward. And that is why their issues were included in the constitution of Bangladesh, he said.

The Director General (Grade-1) of NGO Affairs Bureau of Prime Minister's Office Md. Saidur Rahman encouraged everyone to collaborate with everyone and take our society forward. He also said that the number of abled persons is much higher than the number of disabled or partially disabled persons. Therefore, he specially requested the abled people to stand by the especially abled people.

The Executive Director of the CSID Mr. Khandaker Jahurul Alam in his speech highlighted different commendable initiatives of the ICT Division and thanked the Bangladesh Government. He requested the people with disabilities stick to the workplace with patience. Finally, he referred to the NDD Project of the Government of Bangladesh and said that the project was able to bring positive changes in the lives of people with disabilities. So, he made a special request to the ICT Division to take the initiative to restart the said project.

The Executive Director (Grade-1) of BCC Mr. Ranajit Kumar expressed his gratitude to all the organizations and persons with disabilities who willingly participated in the Job Fair 2024. He stated that inclusive development is mentioned in the collaborative efforts to achieve a smart Bangladesh by 2041.  Finally, he expressed his determination to work together to build a Smart Bangladesh in 2041, including people with disabilities or backward communities.

48 ICT-based organizations and job seekers with disabilities participated in this fair held at the office building of the NGO Affairs Bureau in Agargaon, Dhaka on Saturday morning. Earlier, more than 500 people with disabilities from all over the country submitted their CVs online. Apart from this, job seekers with disabilities get the opportunity to submit their CVs or resumes while attending the fair directly. The organizations participating in the fair conduct interviews to recruit those who have IT skills. The next recruitment process will be started at the end of the job fair by shortlisting job seekers with disabilities for different posts including call center agent, data entry, graphics design, web design, digital marketing, animation, and programming. The organizing authority is hoping that it will be possible to give jobs to about 50 people through this fair.

It should be mentioned that ICT-based institutions belonging to different trade bodies or associations including BASIS, BACCO, and e-CAB participated in the fair. It is to be noted that, after contacting the job-giving organizations in advance and after the interview phase of the job candidates, the finally selected 35 disabled persons were given the appointment letter on the occasion of this event. After inaugurating the job fair, Mr. Palak visited the stalls of the fair.

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