In this busy Dhaka city it is really difficult to get maids or domestic workers for home chores. But now a mobile app will help us to find the domestic workers. Like online based Ride App Uber or Pathao, on demand maid services can now be available using mobile app. Despite sounding strange, such service is currently available in Dhaka through a mobile app named ‘Robot Dako’.

This startup with the name of ‘Robot Dako’ was founded by Mahmudul Hasan Likhon and Mehedi Shoron. After running the app on trial basis, recently the service has been launched officially.

Any users can call in their required maids going through their review, rating, working skills, rate per hour mentioned in the app. The maids will get to users’ home in just thirty minutes.

The maids will start the app just before to start working and after finishing working will switch off the app. The app will show the bill as per their working minutes as per rate per hour. For instance, if any maid’s rate is taka 100 per hour and if she works for 1 hour and 10 minutes (70 minutes), then her bill will be taka 116 and if she works for 40 minutes, the bill will be taka 66. Bill of first 30 minutes is taka 50 as per ‘Base Fair’.

Users can make three types of home chores done by the maids-cooking, mopping floor and washing clothes. Robot Dako also provides on demand Family Assistance Services. Usually a family needs to do different types of chores. So, to assist in such kind of home chores, this on demand service will be available in the app.

Co-founder of Robot Dako Mr. Mahmudul Hasan Likhon said-Besides domestic workers, baby sitters, beauticians, private tutors and personal serviceman for everyday shopping will also be available thropugh the app in just 30 minutes.

Currently, users from Dhanmondi, Jigatola, Lalmatia, Mohammadpur in Dhaka city can avail this service. The app can be downloaded from here.

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