Nvidia is a new generation chip powered by artificial intelligence (AI). In an announcement on Monday, the company also said that they are also bringing new generation software. According to the company, this chip and software are specially made for different models of artificial intelligence. They claim, this is the most powerful chip. 

The name of this new generation AI graphics processor is Blackwell. The first chip of this series is B200. It is said that it will come to the market at the end of this year. Nvidia says that this B200 will be the most powerful chip in the market. It will be 30 times faster than previous chips.

According to the news, these announcements came at a conference organized by Nvidia developers in the city of San Jose, California. The company put itself forward with this new announcement to capture the market of supplying chips to various AI-based companies.

Currently, various organizations and software manufacturers are using current generation Hooper H100S and similar chips. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said on Monday, ‘Hooper is great. But we need a bigger GPU. Blackwell is not just a chip, it’s a platform.’ 

Besides, the software that Nvidia is bringing is called NIM. Through this, the work of AI can be done more easily.

Nvidia says that from now on it will be more about providing platforms than providing chips. This means, they will now turn to software. Source: CNBC.

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