Bangladesh has started the journey from smart to e-paper driving license. From today, the use of e-license has been added to the smart driving license card. 

As a result, drivers can drive without carrying the driving license but by showing the e-driving license stored in the smartphone. Apart from this, you can use e-driving license of smartphone for other government and private works as well.

By order of the President, Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) announced the opportunity on Sunday, March 24. This matter was mentioned in a revised notification signed by Md. Monirul Alam, Deputy Secretary of BRTA Establishment Branch of Roads and Highways Department.

Getting the benefit of the notification, drivers now can drive by showing e-license on smartphone. Both the driving license card and the e-driving license will be equally acceptable for visa processing, overseas use, job placement etc. Also, the concerned inspector can check the information about the driving license directly from the database by the QR code provided in the e-driving license.

Earlier last year, BRTA got into trouble with the driving license card. This government organization entered into an agreement with the Indian company Madras Security Printers (MSP) Private Limited for the manufacturing of dual interface polycarbonate smart cards in Bangladesh. 

The agreement was signed on July 29, 2020. From that day till July 28, 2025, the Indian company will work. The company is supposed to print and supply 4 million cards within these 5 years. According to the contract, the cost of each card including print is 300-taka 15 paisa. The value of the entire contract is estimated at 120 crore 6 lakh taka.

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