Cyber miscreants are now setting up a web of fraud in the internet world. Pornography, gambling, harassment, many things filled with obscene content are unknowingly appearing before the eyes. It affects children. More than 200 million Muslims in the world want to stay away from such content to uphold their moral position.

Turkish startup Halalz has created a new app and browser extension called Kahf Guard. It was opened recently.

 Nizam Uddin, the founder of Halalz, started working on an easy way to get rid of obscene content on the Internet since 2022. Then he created this haram block and DNS protection extension called Kahf Guard as a solution.

Nizam Uddin said about its features, Kahf Guard (Kahf Guard) provides haram ad-blocker, Google/Bing safe search enforce feature which can not search adult content and YouTube restriction mode facility. It provides protection from 55 lakh haram websites with pornography and obscene content, malware, scams and phishing, gambling and drug related content, anti-Islamic content, fake content. It will work on routers, phones, computers and browsers.

Children and teenagers will also be safe if this family-friendly filter is installed

Nizam said that the issue of privacy has been given importance. Kahf Guard does not monitor user data or access browsing history. This free feature is also easy to add to a computer or mobile phone. And if connected to the router, the whole house will be safe.

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