Garment worker Russell Ahmed and his team have won the first piece of land offered by a mobile financial services provider Nagad’s Eid campaign. Mohammad Rubel and Mohammad Rajeeb were also in this team. Nagad informed on Monday that this piece of land has been handed over from Probashi Palli Group’s project.

According to a press release signed by Assistant Vice President (AVP) Lincoln Md Lutfarzaman Sarkar, Tamim Iqbal, the former captain of the national cricket team, and Tanveer A Mishuk, the founder and chief executive officer of Nagad, have recently handed over the documents of the land. A few more such lands will be gifted to lucky winners throughout the campaign.

The identity of the winner has been revealed; Russell, a resident of Cumilla works in a garments factory in Dhaka. He has been a Nagad customer since the beginning. After starting this campaign, he bought his shoes by paying Tk 1200 through Nagad from the outlet of a famous shoe seller. As a result, he was eligible to make the team for this campaign. Then Russell formed this group with his two friends Rajeeb and Rubel. All three of them have active Nagad accounts. All three traded regularly during this period. As a result, the name of this team emerged from among many teams as the lucky winner. These three were invited to the Probashi Polli (expatriate village) without telling the name of the gift in advance. There, Tamim Iqbal listened to the family and personal economic status and life stories of the three. After that, everyone went to the designated land and handed over the land allotment papers to the three winners. The three winners immediately burst into tears.

Russell said while crying, ‘My father would have been the happiest day today if he was alive. Baba wanted our brothers to have a land for a shelter. My father died of stress. Today that dream of own land has been fulfilled through Nagad. The way Nagad is fulfilling people’s dreams is truly incredible.’

Rubel said, he has a sad memory about the land. A piece of land he bought has become barren. Today as if he got the land in return, ‘I think Nagad has given me my life back. I didn’t know what to do with my two children. Nagad gave me that opportunity.’

Rajeeb was asking the family to show the land in a video call, ‘I could not even dream of having my own land in Dhaka. I now own a land for the sake of Nagad. I can’t believe Nagad will fulfill dreams like this. I think many more dreams will be fulfilled through Nagad.’

Tamim Iqbal said while handing over the land, Nagad kept its word by handing over this land. He said, ‘It is easy to promise but difficult to keep. By handing over land in this state of Nagad campaign, they have proved that they know how to keep their promises. That’s why I consider myself a member of the Nagad family.’
Finally, founder and chief executive officer of Nagad, Tanveer A Mishuk said, ‘We have become the top mobile banking institution in the country today because of our customers. We returned the love we received from them. We have no credit here. We just want to make people’s dreams come true.’

Nagad declared an offer to win land for the first time in the history of the country ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr. Purbachal Probashi Polli Limited has been roped in as the land partner for Nagad and land in this campaign. In this campaign, customers are getting a chance to win land in Dhaka in just three steps. Besides, the list of gifts includes motorcycle, television, fridge, AC, smartphone, smart watch and taka worth 200 million. To participate in the campaign, the customer must first make a transaction of at least Tk 500 through Nagad or a mobile recharge of at least Tk 100 or add money of Tk 1000 through Nagad from the bank. Then the user will receive a message saying that he is eligible to participate in this campaign. In that case he has to form a team of three who have Nagad accounts.

However, the campaign received mixed reactions. Tamim Iqbal fell in the face of the criticism. The question on social media is whether it is MLM or not! Some also expressed apprehension about whether consumers would be subjected to another evaly-like deprivation.

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