The 45th National Science and Technology Week and Fair will begin on Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at the Agargaon Science and Technology Complex in the capital. Selected students from different parts of the country will participate in the 8th National Science Olympiad and science quiz competition in this two-day event in three categories. The organizers have expressed hope that the fair will become a meeting place for half a million science lovers with teachers, students, parents and visitors. 700 contestants from all over the country are participating in the fair.

Abdur Razzak, Acting Director General of the National Science and Technology Museum, conveyed the news at a press conference held at the Dahukee Conference Center on the second floor of the National Museum of Science and Technology on Monday, June 10, 2024. He said, in order to increase the innovative spirit of young scientists, this brings an opportunity for them to travel abroad with financial prizes for the winners of this competition. 

Tariqur Rahman Khan, a contributor of The Daily Prothom Alo, presented the main article in the seminar on ‘Role of media in the formation of a science-minded nation’ in a press conference presided over by the director general of the museum. In his speech, he highlighted the parallel relationship between science and technology and the media workers’ interest and dedication in spreading it to people through the media. However, due to lack of market demand and patronage, he did not mention that this work is quite difficult in Bangladesh. 

Abdur Razzak, while speaking as the President at the event, said that, “Seeing once is equal to reading 10 times. Hence Science Museum is trying to remove regional barriers through Mobile Science Museum apart from Agargaon. At the same time, the government has taken the initiative to increase its scope by establishing a regional office in Khulna division.

He also said that to popularize science, schools which are not rich in science labs and those with less capacity are benefiting from this. And this fair is playing a special role every year to encourage the young society to practice science and develop their innovative abilities.

National Science and Technology Museum Curator Sukolyan Bachhar and Director Md. Wahidul Islam and DigiBanglatech.News Executive Editor and Executive Member of Bangladesh ICT Journalist Forum SM Imdadul Haque participated in this discussion.

In the press conference, Curator Sukolyan Bachhar said that the National Science and Technology Museum is arranging the travel and accommodation of winning projects; Olympiad winners and quiz winners from each district in Dhaka. The best invention from the 192 stalls presented at this year’s fair at the Museum Auditorium will be awarded. 8 winners are participating in 3 groups from the project. Similarly, 5 teams from 2 groups will participate in Olympiad and 3 teams will participate in Quiz. As a prize, in addition to attractive courtesy gifts and prize bonds from the museum, the winners will get an opportunity to attend government visits in countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Italy, etc.

Director of National Science and Technology Museum Md. Wahidul Islam said that the expansion of science education is necessary to build a work-oriented generation. Without it, sustainable development in the country is not possible. Because if the side effects of development are not taken into account, many developments can end up being a disaster for the environment as well as a threat to human civilization.

Participating in the discussion, media worker Imdadul Haque said that without building a science-minded nation, it will not be possible to build a knowledge-based economy or a smart society. And for this reason, the mass media needs to be presented in various formats in order to make the matter popular among the masses. To make the new generation familiar with the future, the work should be done in public-private joint partnership through the organization of this museum and extensive promotion of the initiative.

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