Google has launched a new feature for Android users to find lost devices. The feature called ‘Find My Device Network’ was launched in April this year. The technology giant had earlier announced the launch of this feature last year. 

Android users will reportedly be able to identify smartphones as well as other accessories using a crowdsourced network. This feature will even be helpful in finding lost keys or luggage.

Google’s VP of Engineering, Eric K, announced the unveiling of the ‘Find My Device Network’ feature in a blog post. He said, ‘The completely new “Find My Device” of Android devices is being launched. This feature will help users quickly find lost devices and daily essentials through a crowdsourced network of over one billion Android devices.’

A notable feature of the crowdsourced network is that it can detect devices even when they are offline. That means no internet connection is required to track the smartphone or accessory device.

For now, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users will get this benefit. Even if the device is turned off or out of charge, it will not be difficult to track them. This feature will come in handy especially if the device is stolen. Find My Device Network has a ‘Find Nearby’ button, which will help find the exact location of the device. ‍Source: Times of India.

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