Tech giant Microsoft Inc. wants to provide technical assistance in artificial intelligence, i.e., producing experts and developers, building global business capabilities among startups and cyber security in Bangladesh. Due to the wide expansion of creative artificial intelligence or generative AI, the company has shown such interest as a developing technology destination country in Asia due to the increase in demand for cloud services and the continuation of increasing the capacity of data centers in different countries of the world keeping this demand in mind.

Managing Director of Microsoft Bangladesh Md. Yusup Farooq highlighted this plan and interest in the meeting with State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications at the Secretariat on Tuesday.

Sources of the meeting revealed, during the meeting, both discussed their interests in startups on Microsoft Founders Program, cyber security, creating a single platform for data and AI.

In the meeting, the Minister of State for Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology said that now the world is going through another revolutionary change through Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are many challenges in this journey of change. We have to face this challenge of technology to implement Smart Bangladesh vision announced by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Microsoft can contribute to the creation of cyber security experts and new technology tools to ensure cyber security in all sectors including banking, telecom, and ICT of the country.

The state minister said that in order to build a developed and prosperous smart Bangladesh in 2041 and smart citizens, smart social system, smart economy and smart government system, nothing can be done by bypassing artificial intelligence or AI. So now our challenge or discussion is how much we encourage innovation and how much we control misuse.

Meanwhile, the State Minister also met a delegate at his office led by the Walton Managing Director S. M. Mahbubul Alam. Walton Digi-Tech Industries Limited Deputy Managing Director S. M. Manjurul Alam and Additional Managing Director, Md. Liaquat Ali and others were present in the delegation.

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