On the eve of Independence Day of Bangladesh a doodle was displayed in the Google search engine like every year. The doodle showed the word ‘Google’ written in white letters in the midst of red-green colored box and our national flag right at the middle of a circle of a crescent moon at the top.

The search engine started displaying it on last Sunday Night just after 12 am that remained for day long on March 26.

Previously, a doodle was displayed on our Independence Day last year. Basically, Google first displayed a doodle on Bangladesh on the Independence Day of 2013. Besides, Google authority also takes such initiatives on the eve of different occasions like Bangla New Year, Sports and so on.

Doodle actually refers to present any special occasion through a unique art or design. A special doodle is usually displayed in the Home page of the search engine on the eve of any special occasion.

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