Numbers of crucial government websites in Bangladesh including Prime Minister’s Office, Home and Agriculture Ministry got hacked last night. Apart from these, websites of President’s Office, Education Ministry, Directorate of Survey and Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy also got affected.

Last night, as per result of Google search for Education Ministry showed ‘Hacked By Bangladesh’. The attack was likely to be driven on Tuesday night between 10 pm to 11 pm.

ICT State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak said- We guessed something bad might occur. Currently, we are continuously working to get all the websites to their previous condition. Whoever is responsible behind this incident won’t be spared, even wherever they are, as he said.

Accessing the websites, hackers displayed banners consisting of different contents regarding quota issue. But, after sometime, government’s Cyber Response Team and the concern departments were able to regain control over the websites.

They, firstly, removed the hackers’ banner and displayed ‘Under Maintenance’, though later ‘Under Maintenance’ was not seen anymore. No one even couldn’t access over there till 2 am.

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