Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said-Digital Bangladesh is no ore a dream now. It is a reality. Now, all the sectors are going to be brought under paperless or online system. The minister attended a seminar titled ‘Investment in North Bengal: Potentiality and Needful (উত্তরবঙ্গে বিনিয়োগ: সম্ভাবনা ও করণীয়)held at a local hotel in Dhaka on January 4, 2018 where he gave this statement. Rangpur Division Journalist Samity (রংপুর বিভাগ সাংবাদিক সমিতি) organized the seminar.  

Tofail Ahmed also said- Rangpur won’t lag behind in development. Now, the poverty emerged very badly in this zone, around 13% which is likely to be declined to 3% by 2030. Former President Hussain Mohammad Ershad belongs to this region and he also contributed a lot for the development of Rangpur.

The commerce minister said-We need gas for industrialization in the northern part of the country. We have a crisis of it. That’s why are thinking of alternative. As a developing one we will progress to a developed country very soon. The way we are progressing indicates that ours will be the 28th country in the world economy by 2030.  

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